Winona Ryder wore $10 dress to Oscars

Winona-Ryder Speaking to Red magazine, Winona Ryder has revealed that, when it comes to fashion, she doesn’t share the usual convictions as other stars. The actress likes shopping on a budget and has no problem wearing the same outfit more than once.

She said: ”At Sean Penn’s last Haiti gala I wore this vintage dress that I’d worn to a film premiere in 2005. I know that’s kind of a no-no in the fashion world, but why wear something just once if you love it?”

Winona, 42, rose to fame in her teenage years and was very successful in her 20s, which she says made her 30s hard.

”My early thirties were rough. I went through stuff that I would have gone through, and probably should have gone through much younger, but I had spent my twenties working. Even when I was the right age for older roles, people thought of me as being younger. It was tough because I’d had so much success in my early twenties,” she added.

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One response to “Winona Ryder wore $10 dress to Oscars”

  1. Catherine says:

    The site itself doesn’t state that Wynona Ryder wore a 10$ dress for Oscars. I still support her being a down to earth lady. Why not to wear the same dress twice, if you really like it? First of all, we are personalities and we shouldn’t care what others will think or say about us, since people will have their thoughts of us anyways. I still wished to see the 10$ dress for Oscar, but the article had nothing to do with it. This is I pity. I bet the dress can be nice looking on such a great figure worth of any money.