Worst celebrity social media blunders

Social media is legendary for its transparency and speed, but that also means that your mistakes can be wildly visible. As the popularity of social media continues to accelerate, it’s no surprise that famous faces are increasingly using these platforms to reach their fans. But what happens when a celebrity tweets something inappropriate or shares an embarrassing photo? Here are some top celeb social media blunders.

Kim Kardashian








Kim uploaded a picture of herself holding a cat by the scruff of his neck–and PETA was not happy about it. A lot of worried followers attacked Kim for how she handled the cat, and Kim replied that the owner was right there and okay with it.

Sherri Shepherd








The following tweet speaks for itself. Sherri wrote:  “OMG just woke up and my r ear is plugged- tried everything-yawning… pinching my nose, closing mouth and pushing out breath… won’t stop.” How about some prune juice?

Ashton Kutcher








Ashton has a long history of Twitter usage. However, when he sympathized with Penn football coach Joe Paterno, the backlash he received was unprecedented. It’s still unclear exactly what he was trying to do with those tweets, but he handed his Twitter account over to managers after this mistake. Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was all over the news following accusations that Paterno helped cover up the continuous rape of multiple young boys by Assistant Coach, Jerry Sandusky. Apparently, college football fan Ashton Kutcher didn’t watch TV or read newspaper at the time as he Tweeted this to his millions of followers: “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” The clueless Tweet infuriated fans around the world, and once someone informed Kutcher about the details of the case, he issued an apology.

Al Roker








When Al Roker went in for jury duty, he attempted to share the experience by snapping pictures of the other potential jurors for the case. Though the pictures weren’t taken in the courtroom, they did fly in the face of a posted rule against taking photos in the building and the court asked Roker to stop. He apologized for the indiscretion, but also said that he thought people should lighten up a bit too. “I’m not breaking laws… just trying to share the experience of jury duty. One that I think is important and everyone should take part in,” Al later Tweeted.

Paris Hilton








In September 2010, the heiress was arrested in Las Vegas, NV for cocaine possession. Police reports indicated that the drug was found in her Chanel purse, and she publically and vehemently denied that the purse belonged to her. Unfortunately for Paris, she forgot that the morning of her arrest, she tweeted, “Love My New Chanel Purse I Got Today!” along with a photo of the purse.

Russell Brand








When Russell Brand tweeted a pic of his then-wife Katy Perry sans-makeup, he got mixed reviews. However, Katy was enraged since the picture was anything but flattering.

Jessica Wright








It’s unclear whether Jessica Wright either has no idea about the history of North Korea, or maybe she was just trying to be compassionate. When Dictator Kim Jong-il died in 2011, Jessica tweeted “Rest in Peace” and received some nasty backlash. Given the reputation and actions of the dictator, few people were very sympathetic about his passing.

Charlie Sheen

FX Summer Comedies Party







While trying to send a private message to Justin Bieber (for some reason), Charlie Sheen once accidentally tweeted his personal phone number to his over 5 million followers. This resulted in non-stop phone calls for days. Sheen had to disconnect his number.


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One response to “Worst celebrity social media blunders”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Well, we all make mistakes after all, as we are all humane! I was laughing loud when reading about Charlie Sheen mistake. LOL. Poor he couldn’t fall asleep that night, I am sure. I also laughed when Reading about Paris. LOL she is indeed a stupid blonde. She has forgotten how she likes to pose for cam and boast her new expensive stuff. LOL anyways, every one know she is into drugs. You cannot behave like her being not on drugs. LOL. Well for the rest it is ok, but still awkward situations. And who said that dictators cannot rest in peace? LMAO