Zac Efron: Seth Rogen makes me funnier


Appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, Zac Efron talked about his latest movie Neighbors and what it was like working with Seth Rogen.

The former High School Musical star has praised Rogen for having the ability to make anything funny.

He said: ”I have always appreciated Seth’s sense of humour, because it’s so honest, it’s really self-deprecating, and I’ve identified with it since I was super young. He’s so good. He makes anything funny. He does make me funnier; he passes the Seth energy on. He makes everybody funny.”

”Our relationship never changes, I wish Seth could produce every film I’m in, he kind of just takes the lead he is always setting the pace and the tone for everybody,” Zac added.


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3 responses to “Zac Efron: Seth Rogen makes me funnier”

  1. Lauren says:

    It was a cute interview. Zac looks happy and healthy. Can’t believe this headline is the one thing they are taking out of the interview.
    However it is as very funny movie and Zac is fantastic as Teddy Sanders.

  2. Patrick says:

    Box Office Mojo is predicting “Neighbors” will be the 9th biggest movie of summer . Estimating it will bring in $140,000,000.00 domestic and another $65,000,000.00 foreign sales for a total of over $205,000,000.00
    I hope it does better

  3. Paula says:

    This is awkwardly lame. Seth can be funny, but that’s Seth, if he has to set the mood in everything so the rest looks good, then I will give Seth a 1000 props, it’s a hard job with this egomaniac guy, who also wish Seth would produce everything he is, so Zac himself wouldn’t have to fund every project he is in, now even more after his drug thing, because let me remind you that after every mess, his damage control is to announce him starring in a new project that casually has him, or Jaso, or Justin, or mo producing it. Also this interview is so bad because he does the same every time, he loved to work with everyone yet he remains friends with no one. Grow up and stop with this, it isn’t even that good of a movie. I love Seth and Dave.