Zac Efron talks about drug and alcohol addiction


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Zac Efron openly talks about his substance abuse issues and struggles to get his life back on track.

“I was drinking a lot, way too much,” he says. “It’s never one specific thing. I mean, you’re in your 20s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know? Everything is thrown at you. I wouldn’t take anything back; I needed to learn everything I did.”

Zac has joined Alcoholics Anonymous and has been seeing a therapist.

“I just started going. And I think it’s changed my life. I’m much more comfortable in my own skin. Things are so much easier now,” he says. However the actor admits, “It’s a never-ending struggle.”


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4 responses to “Zac Efron talks about drug and alcohol addiction”

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow…. he’s grown so much. He sounds very mature and like he’s learned a lot from his experiences. As a recovering addict myself who absolutely was in love with him in HSM, (I am a little younger than him; I had his posters on my walls for years!) I am only MORE attracted to him now! All props to him. You’re a pretty amazing guy, Zac. 🙂

  2. Brigitta says:

    In my opinion, Zac can always deliver a pretty good performance in any film he’s in. He has so much potential and diversity as an actor, given all the various films he’s been in. That would be really great seeing him in this musical. If anything, he should be given a chance if it happens. He must be doing something right if he can be considered for roles like these and then films like Neighbors on a consistent basis. I just think it’d be cool to see!

  3. Mike says:

    He has CERTAINLY grown up into his own! Have always liked him & wish him all the best. I hope he really gets how serious addiction is. He was very open about it but this has happened before with celebrities. Coming from a fellow addict in recovery–I don’t want to see Efron on news someday for having succumbed to this disease. It has happened too often right under our noses! Hopefully Efron can help others by his good example…

  4. Catherine says:

    I think Zac’s struggles while he was really going through it were obviously less public. JB is struggling big time, and unfortunately doing it in front of the world. I hope he is somehow able to take time to himself soon away from the glare of the media, and be able to find whatever it is Zac found to be able to get help. I root for Justin and wish him the best to get through this, I wish more would do the same.