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200 M.P.H.
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama
Director(s): Cole S. McKay
Release Date: 25 April 2011
Movie rating: 2.1
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What is the movie 200 M.P.H. about?
The main character of the movie Rick Merchant (Jaz Martin) is depressed and hurt when he learns his brother is killed in a car accident taking participation in a street race Sepulveda Suicide. He knows the name of the drug dealer who has run his brother off the road. He is just an amateur but the feeling of revenge is acute and he strives to get into the world of dangerous street-racing. He seeks the vengeance behind the wheel. However, in order to win, he needs to learn a lot and modify his present car. A pretty mechanic, Kelly (Hennely Jimenez) is helping him, though she considers this action a pure suicide…
200 M.P.H. Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any 200 M.P.H. HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.200 M.P.H.
Sheila @ 11-Jul-2014 03:12 Report a spam

I was very surprised how low is the rating of this movie on the majority of the websites where i was looking for a review, and i honestly speaking cannot understand why, as it is a pretty good movie. And unlike the other fake movies made by cinema directors, this one has a logic sense and it is very easy to watch it. The other great thing about it is the bright picture, very qualitative filming and the great impression that it is leaving afterwards! The actors played well- i remember all the characters that they performed, they were impressing. This movie gave me a lot of sad experiences, so hopefully one day i will see the sequel to it, so do not believe the mean reviews take a look on it yourself and you will know i am right!

Jasmine @ 09-Jul-2014 09:55 Report a spam

I can say that in this movie is shown a very interesting story about the street racer who after losing his brother is planning to revenge the person who has the fault in his brother’s death. His mother works as a stripper and she is very much away from the feelings of a mother and sorrow for the son who has been killed. The person in charge for the accident on races is as a result a very powerful person around criminals. So here is planned a new race that is supposed kill one of two old enemies. I can say that i am very satisfied with this movie, as i got only positive impressions from it, the only minus is the absence of special effects, but still it is a great movie!

Aurelia @ 08-Jul-2014 21:32 Report a spam

I can say that movies about the street racers are quite interesting for the viewers, especially for the young people, and although they are quite similar, i can say that people are watching them with great interest, because it is a great view and image at the same time. The luxurious fast cars and dynamic races hot girls and guys all of those things are always fun to watch. But unfortunately all of those things are not about this cheap movie. It is too much talking and pushing in this movie and almost no action at all. I would not recommend this thing to watch. People who appreciate movies about races would certainly hate this “misunderstanding”. While the regular viewer will not find it interesting due to the lack of sense in it. Hmm, only the girlfriend of the main hero has showed at least some performing skills everything else sucks.

Jimmy @ 23-Jun-2014 14:42 Report a spam

I gave this film a trial and watched it with my partner. We were very hopeful about this movie and what can I tell after watching it? Well, the computer graphics in the car scenes were so bad for a movie made in 2011 that it totally disrupted me from the content itself because I was laughing out loud so much! It is hard not to notice that in some parts of the movie it looks literally like the movie cuts to someone playing a bad computer simulation. To crown it off poor acting, weak characters and simple and stupid car tech talk that would have been better left unsaid. This is the way it is, just wanted to comment on how bad this movie is for others to save their precious time and not watching it. If you want a cool car film - then run the other direction. If you enjoy laughing at recycled crap pull up a very comfortable couch you may wake up the next day if you don't have the option to fast forward.

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