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Released: 2014-09-26
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Adult World
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Scott Coffey
Release Date: 14 February 2014
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Adult World about?
“Adult world” is dedicated to the achievement of personhood, growing up and search of one’s true self. The main character Amy dreams of becoming a poet, and in order to achieve that goal she needs her first publication. However dreams do not come true as easily as it is expected by her, so she has to go through some serious situations, overcome lots of obstacles and deal with humiliation. But she is willing to do all that in order to eventually show her poetic talent to the world. This movie tells us about growing up, about the period of passing into complicated adulthood and about looking for one’s right place in life. Amy is on the threshold of a real life as a grown up, but instead of writing poetry she has to earn her living by working in a sex shop. It may seem that this reality doesn’t match her idea of living happily, but this complicated adult life becomes that needed experience that helps her evolve as a personality and look at her life from a completely different angle.
Adult World Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Adult World HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Adult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult WorldAdult World
Patrik @ 29-Jul-2014 22:19 Report a spam

Hmm, for me it was a bit surprising to see Emma Roberts in a role of a beginner poet. She had to show an image of a girl that has no experience, doesn’t look very attractive, that makes feeling irritation from the fact that there is too much of her around. And there was no sympathy towards her at all. And the most important thing that in the time when she was writing or reading poems that looked so awkward that i did not believe it. As a viewer of the movie i had a lot of doubts about the poetry in Amy’s life, and this way she starts having those doubts as well. But i will not say the whole subject of the movie, so i will better leave it a secret whether she will be able to overcome her fears and become the person she dreams to become, or not. Weird, after watching this movie i got the feeling that i got mature with her at the same time. Though the atmosphere was a bit sad and dark, but it showed very well the inner world of a person who is on the edge between two levels of life.

Jovanna @ 29-Jul-2014 21:19 Report a spam

The theme of this movie is very interesting, it is dedicated to creation of your own personality to the moment when you are becoming a grown up person and look for yourself. The main hero Amy dreams of becoming a real poet, and for this she needs her first publishing. But dreams do not come true that easy for her, and this way the poor girl has to go through a variety of life’s obstacles and humiliations, and the main issue she has to set under a question her own essence, talents and desires.
The subject shows the period of time a person needs in order to turn from a teenager into an adult person, when a person is finally able and has to make choices regarding the future, but hasn’t found its own place in this world, as well as is not able to make everything on its own. I think this people is a necessity for young people who are still looking for their personality, as it will help them getting the needed courage in order to believe that they can do better in this world, they can do whatever they want.

Janis @ 29-Jul-2014 19:53 Report a spam

I will start by saying that i really enjoyed the movie, it is one of the best movies i have ever seen, at least lately. The subject line is a story of a young woman who realized that she wants to dedicate her life to the poetry. During all the movie i was tracing her getting adult, and the way she was looking for any kind of possibility in order to make her dreams come true! And even if for the sake of her dream she had to work in a sex shop which was a unpleasant and weird place for her. Nevertheless that was the place where she met new and interesting people such as Rubia and Alex. I think Emma Roberts (the main character) has done very well with her role, and she was able to show exactly the emotions required from her. I should admit that with each new movie in which Emma performs she is doing better and better! I recommend this movie to those people who cannot make the choice of what to do in their life, and who are still looking for themselves, and also to people who like dramas with a drop of humor in them.

Gary @ 28-May-2014 15:28 Report a spam

A smart, incisive comedy about a recent college grad's booby-trapped immersion into real life.

Bruce @ 28-May-2014 15:27 Report a spam

The film has some smart, funny and wincingly painful things to say about the desire to make art vs. the desire to be famous for it.

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