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Genre: Drama / Music
Director(s): Milos Forman
Release Date: 01 January 1984
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie Amadeus about?
Released in 1984, “Amadeus” is a romanticized reinterpretation of history, adopted from the eponymous play by Peter Shaffer as a variation of Alexander Pushkin’s play “Mozart and Salieri”. It was directed by Milos Forman and an ensemble of respected character actors, most notably F. Murray Abraham as Salieri and Tom Hulce as Mozart. The story is told from the perspective of Antonio Salieri, court composer for Austrian Emperor Joseph II, now incarcerated in a mental institution after attempting suicide. Salieri is of ill health, and a young minister visits him in order to hear his confession. Salieri warms to the young priest and bares his soul to him. He confesses to being guilt stricken for “killing Mozart”, and proceeds to recount his life’s story and his relationship to Mozart. Salieri was a devout Christian who believed that God spoke through him by giving him his musical talent. He is a fan of Mozart and when the young prodigy visits Vienna Salieri is anxious to meet him, expecting another humble Christian doing God’s work. He is outraged to realize that young Mozart is a loud, vain man who indulges in lewd, scandalous behavior. He is also way more talented than Salieri will ever be. He struggles to come to terms with this knowledge, finally seeing as a test of faith from God and the sign of his own vanity thrown right back in his face. Ultimately he begins to despise Mozart and begins to plot to have him murdered and take credit for his final work. Even though it performed modestly at the box office, “Amadeus” was a huge hit with the critics, receiving 11 Academy Awards nominations and winning eight of them – including best picture and best actor (Both Abraham and Hulce were nominated in the best actor category, but Abraham ultimately won).
Amadeus Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Amadeus HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Christian @ 05-Aug-2014 11:04 Report a spam

Who doesn't love this film? The costumes and locations alone are a feast for the eyes. Of course, the historical accuracy is close to zero, but I still love it as a period film.

Jim @ 31-Jul-2014 11:02 Report a spam

This movie is amazing at least due to the fact that each moment of it is filled with the wonderful music created by Mozart. And this music is chosen so carefully that is makes your emotions explode in some moments of the movie. I think the effect from that music was a colossal one. And of course that was not the only fact this movie is amazing with! The other important thing is the wonderful performance of the actors, and the great movie directing my Foreman!
The scene in which Salieri is writing “Requiem” with Mozart was simply breathtaking. The captivity, drama and emotions from it were on the highest level! I can say that this movie being an artistic one is perfect! And there is nothing to add, except the fact that it should be based on the biography of those two famous composers, as they were great personalities in the world’s history, this way their biography cannot be changed for the success of some movie. But that is my point of view. And the rest of the movie is wonderful!

Dirk @ 31-Jul-2014 06:32 Report a spam

Mozzart is very talented, all of his creations are perfect and can easily be called as masterpieces, and as he used to say, it is impossible to correct or rewrite something that is already perfect. He wrote all of the compositions very fast being inspired by a moment! Not a long time ago i saw the movie created in 1984, which is the story of life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The story of life of Mozart and Salieri is of course the vision of the author of this life, but i cannot be quiet and not mention that it is a great vision ! The main role was performed perfectly! I watched this movie as i was charmed by the amazing performance of the actor who played the young Mozart.
What else can i say? I suggest this movie to those people who have something to do at least with the world of classic literature or history. Who is interested to see how life might turn, and how the extra high confidence can harm your future same as the changing love of a woman! The art of the great people unfortunately is mostly appreciated after their death!

Impi @ 30-Jul-2014 20:55 Report a spam

I liked this movie a lot due to its subject as well as due to the multiple interesting songs in it that has reminded me of the famous music created by two famous composers Mozart and Salieri. And lets not forget that this is a movie, that is why some of the details in it are fiction, and some moments from the life of the famous musician were overreacted, and some of them were not properly shown. It was made in order to create a more interesting image for the viewer. So it is better not to accept everything as a fact. This movie makes you empathize and lasts for more than two hours. Talented people have a completely different feelings about life. This way Mozzart has shown himself as a child of a big age, though he is saying that he is vulgar. Salieri envy him was seeking revenge and looked grumpy, but was able to create music, very successful music. Mozzart is talented and his arts are perfect as he is mentioning himself it is impossible to correct and change something that was already done.

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