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American Beauty
Genre: Drama
Director(s): Sam Mendes
Release Date: 01 January 1999
Movie rating: 8.4
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What is the movie American Beauty about?
If you haven't seen American Beauty, you are missing out a lot. This 1999 movie is a great example of how you can mix great acting with an even better screenplay. Lester Burnham is in the middle of the mid life crisis, meaning that he has to deal with things that he didn't usually have to deal with. It is affecting his family, but the worst thing is the fact that his wife is not helping him at all. She is always annoying him, and to make it worse, their daughter is very rebellious and hates him. On the other hand, the story follows a real estate agent Carolyn. She is a little bit too wrapped up in her job and she has an affair with Buddy Kane. Jane falls in love with Ricky Fitts, who is a very weird guy from the neighborhood, and a drug dealer. His goal is to gain attention of Angela, a friend of Jane's... This is when the story takes a turn and when the movie becomes very interesting. The lead role is Kevin Spacey as Lester Brunham, we also have a chance to see brilliant acting of Annette Bening as Carolyn Burnham, Thora Birch as Jane Burnham, Wes Bentley as Ricky Fitts... The director of American Beauty is Sam Mendes and he has done a great job directing it, while Alan Ball was in charge of writing.
American Beauty Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any American Beauty HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
American BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican BeautyAmerican Beauty
Loring Shaw @ 04-Aug-2014 11:52 Report a spam

A powerful, peerless disassembly of the american dream, midlife crises and the suburbian experience. Wry, haunting and poetic.

Ildiko @ 29-Jul-2014 04:10 Report a spam

Well what new things can i say about a movie, about which there were said many things before? That it is inspiring, surprising, and that it makes you act, as in the world there is a lot of beauty. Even a regular plastic bag that is flying according to the wind’s will can be a beautiful view. And people who are not able to see it, should reconsider their life. I would like to underline Kevin Spacey, who performed his role in such a great manner that he got an Oscar award for it. Thora Birch, who was seventeen by the time when the movie was filmed, has done great with the role of a complexed teenager who learned how to accept herself the way she is. Mena Suvari played the role of an arrogant girl who in reality was a miserable girl. This movie is very boring, because the film director has showed how boring was the life of the main hero. By the end of the movie all the silly accidents which happened to the main hero have brought him to a tragic end. This movie has shown how important is to appreciate life that is sliding away.

Alex @ 26-Jul-2014 09:15 Report a spam

I decided that i want to see the movie “American beauty” after i saw the advertising that soon it will be shown on some of the TV channels. Actually i was more charmed by the music in that advertising. I watched it and i can say that i was not disappointed, but most likely surprised. That is why i made the conclusion that probably i just didn’t get something in it (as the movie won a lot of awards there had to be something special about it), that is why i watched it again, but my feelings and impressions about it didn’t changed. Maybe it is due my european mentality, but i haven’t seen any beauty in this movie. It is a regular banal story, if more precisely it is a bunch of subject lines, about the relations of mature people, teeagers and the problem of not traditional orientation, the struggle with ordinary boring days and being sick of the marriage. In general everything was very up to day and sharp. From the plusses of the movie i can underline quality, great actors and not predictable end of the movie, but that was pretty much it.

Esther @ 26-Jul-2014 04:11 Report a spam

I watched this movie for a few times. And i can say that i was very impressed with a great variety of things that were touched in this movie, and i guess this is the reason why “American beauty” is such a popular movie. Here there is a crisis of middle age, of the main character, which was shown to the viewers in all the “best” ways. The problem of self realization and of course the low self esteem, which each of us faces on everyday basis.
There deeply touched such subjects as matters of family relations, hierarchy and the teenager age. And of course there is a huge place for romance in it. Even a hidden homosexual theme was not passed by. I would also like to say that the movie has a deep meaning, although it is very easy to watch it, due to the light humor and main heroes. The music in it was exquisite, and i still am listening to the main soundtrack to the movie from time to time! That is why i recommend it to all the people who haven’t seen it yet, i am sure you will enjoy it, Kevin Spacey was awesome in it :)!

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