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Genre: Drama
Director(s): Olivia Silver
Release Date: 01 January 2014
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Arcadia about?
“Arcadia” is a recent American drama film that managed to win the Grand Prize at the Cine Junior Festival and the Crystal Bears, Generation Kplus at 2012 Berlinale. The movie centers on twelve-year-old Greta and her dad, who promised her a California paradise. Tom is moving his kids cross-country willing to offer them a better life in California, so they pack half of their household into a dented wagon and start their journey. At the beginning it is said that Greta’s mother will join them later. But as they travel through deserts, plains and forests, stop at shoddy motels, and eat at cheap fast foods Greta realizes that their pursuit for happiness and a better life is not that glamorous as it appeared to be at the beginning. Sad truth strikes her – her family is falling apart and she won’t see her mother at the end of their journey. Tom’s children go through numerous changes during this journey – they have a lot of things to think about, they change their life views, their attitude towards various things and gradually grow up.
Arcadia Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Arcadia HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Marín @ 24-Jul-2014 03:37 Report a spam

This movie sets under a big question whether a choice made by a father was right or wrong and at the same time it gives answers on a lot of questions. Tom is being afraid of his daughter, and that is why he tries avoiding all of her questions by saying that a twelve years old girl should not get into the business of adult people. And i can easily understand him, he drags his children to California and lies to them that their mother will come to them a bit later. The weirdest thing for me about it, was the fact that it didn’t made me feel anything. After watching it i forgot about the main heroes pretty fast, although watching the young Greta was quite pleasant and interesting for me. Her saying goodbye to childhood looked very symbolic- it leaves her in the moment when she says goodbye to her favorite toy, this way there is a grown up Greta in the summer light with hair on the wind and strong will in her look. Mmm, i can say that it definitely looked very strong, that is why i think this movie is not that bad for watching it at least once in this life.

Susan @ 19-Jul-2014 08:22 Report a spam

I was thinking for a very long time about the name of the movie. As there is no character in the movie with such a name,as well as there were no any other hints that would make me understand why it was called this way. Because of course the first impression depends a lot from the name of the movie, that has to bring in itself all the general things that are in this movie. And only by the end of it, when the heroes arrive to the city i got to know that Arcadia is the place where they were going, it is the destination point of their way.
Arcadia doesn’t have any special meaning in it, and there is no intrigue in it at all. That is why the only thing left by this movie is to follow the main heroes.The father and his three children. And of course the main accent is set on the middle daughter Greta, and the father of the family Tom. Greta is the smartest child in the family and is much more responsible than her father. And there are a lot of things she has to understand during their long road.

Barry @ 19-Jul-2014 07:51 Report a spam

Mmm for me it is very difficult to write this review as i have never done anything like that in my entire life. The main thing for me about this movie is that no matter how hard i tried i still was not able to understand the meaning of it. But it doesn’t really matter because anyway i liked it a lot! The light in the movie was all the time not intensive, that was making the house look more mysterious. And of course the hypnotic track performed by Tilda Swinton who was during the entire movie holding the hand of her depressive genius lover.Only by the end of the movie i made an impression about it, is same as i was offered a candy which was same size as a huge bread. I got a almost physical pleasure from the movie. As about the plot, who cares about the plot?! The famous movie director has allowed us to enter his dream, not for us complaining about something, but in order to get amazed by it. This movie is not for boring people, it is for creative ones, who know how to live their life!

Jodie @ 18-Jul-2014 07:52 Report a spam

If being honest i am not a fan of artistic movie, which is not very famous and only a few people know about it. I like discovering some new things for myself, and to look for something maybe not popular but highly appreciated and rare. And this time while chasing for a new masterpiece i have found “Arcadia”. This movie, is not the best one, but i can say that it left me with the impression that nothing happened. without emotions, without intrigue, without suffering, everything is pretty simple and calm.
During all the movie i watched like a father was bringing his children to another city. Moving to a new place is a common thing for everyone, but in this movie it was a sign for changes. During trip they need to think about many things and to change their views upon the surrounding them world, to grew up finally.
I can say that this movie is very dark, and that is why the impressions from watching it, are even more boring ones. I do not recommend this movie to people who are in depression.

Sarah @ 26-May-2014 17:34 Report a spam

Portrayed characters lack definition, and the script writer and director are only moderately successful at accessing the pathos of a story that should be steeped in it.

Manohla @ 26-May-2014 17:33 Report a spam

Ms. Silver's ability to translate the liminal into cinematic terms, to catch those moments between innocence and knowing, childhood and adulthood, unforgiving and forgiving, makes her someone to watch.

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