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Blade Runner
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Director(s): Ridley Scott
Release Date: 01 June 1982
Movie rating: 8.2
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What is the movie Blade Runner about?
A financial flop with a mixed critical reception at first, Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” quickly became a cult favorite, and is now considered one of the best science fiction films ever made, as well as one of the finest examples of the neo noir genre. The year is 2019, and the all-powerful Tyrell Corporation produces so called “replicants”, genetically engineered robots who look exactly like humans and who are used for hard labor on the off-world colonies. Replicants are not allowed n Earth, and it’s the job of the special police task force called the “blade runners” to eliminate any replicants found on Earth. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a retired blade runner who, under pressure from his former boss, accepts one last task of finding and eliminating a group of replicants who are on Earth looking to find a way to extend their pre designed short life span. During the investigation, Deckard meets Rachael, an experimental replicant with implanted false memories who believes she is human. Deckard tracks down two of the rogue replicants. He kills one of them, and Rachael kills the other, thus saving Deckard’s life. Rachael and Deckard get intimate, as a sort of a quiet before the storm. One of the two remaining replicants gets to Dr. Tyrell, the head of the Tyrell corporation, and kills him when he refuses to extend his life. Meanwhile Deckard kills the third replicant. He chases down the last one, who is nearing the end of his four year life, and in a game of catch he ends up hanging from the roof of the building. The replicant saves his life before dying, and Deckard and Rachael storm off into the sunset.
Blade Runner Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Blade Runner HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Blade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade RunnerBlade Runner
Tiara Bonnet @ 14-Aug-2014 10:17 Report a spam

“Blade Runner” stands the test of time as an epic story which transcends a disparity of genres, as well as the seminal "dark" sci-fi film. The interplay of film noir, sci-fi, and what is one of the most philosophically symbolic and academically analyzed narratives of the modern era holds its ground on both visual and cerebral levels even in the face of today's CGI laden blockbusters. It makes a great film even better, arguably allowing it to be modernized and polished for a new generation of viewers who are more picky and yet simultaneously less idealistic. An enduring classic and an intrepid piece of film-making with rich & often haunting visuals designed to entertain and promote introspection amongst its viewers. I give this film nine out of ten rating.

Leah @ 31-Jul-2014 10:31 Report a spam

I wanted very bad to see this movie. First of all i love fantasy genre. And second of all it was filmed on the basis of the book by my favorite author. And third of all i respect Ridley Scott as a movie producer, and thin that all of its movies are real masterpieces, especially “Gladiator”!
This movie shows the world of the future in 2019, there is a complete globalization , huge cities and a dead ecology.
People are creating replicants, a sort of cyborgs who do not differ from people at all according to their physical structure but a simple test based on the ability to show feelings will easily point them out. People are using replicants as their slaves for the difficult work and as soldiers, or in order to fulfill their sexual desires.The period of life of those creatures is four years after which they are “programmed” to die. But the problem is they want to live, and the main hero (Harrison Ford) is the representative of law who is chasing the runners. He is addicted to alcohol, that is why he kills everyone easily, until the moment when he fells in love with Rachel who is a experimental replicant who was “honored” with having memories, that is why she thinks she is a human.

Dirk @ 31-Jul-2014 06:16 Report a spam

I will be honest and say that i practically forced myself to watch this movie! It is a very difficult one! It is dark all the time in it, and the rain never stops in it, that underlines once again the atmosphere of no way out. The amateurs of dynamic cinema would be very disappointed: as there almost is no action scenes in the movie, it is almost fully consisting of the dialogues. For me the huge variety of dialogues is not a negative feature, no matter how difficult for me would be to understand them. They are different. A symbol is sitting on a symbol in this movie. There are a lot of expressions made by famous philosophers of the pas. I consider myself as a person who is dealing very well with the philosophy and religion but i didn’t understood even a half of the things that were meant in this movie.
Especially i was amazed by the scene when Deckard being very drunk has seen a unicorn, it shows that the main hero has a very rich imagination, and this is a fact he might don’t even have a clue of. Same as that girl Rachel.

Morgan @ 30-Jul-2014 20:37 Report a spam

As it usually happens to a lot of masterpieces, this movie for a long time has stayed not noticed by people, and was not marked by the critics. Now it is considered a cult movie, and the classics of the world fantasy genre. Ridley Scott has filmed it after the “Alien”. It was filmed on the basis of the novel written by Philip Dick.
I guess people who do not see any difference between fantasy and action movie would be very disappointed, as this movie is created for a thoughtful viewer,even though there are action scenes in it, the main idea is not about those scenes at all. It was filmed in two different versions in 1982 and in 1992. In the original version of the movie green color is absent. And it is interesting the fact that in both versions of the movie the end is different.different. Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford are young and in great shape in it. It is easy to watch the film, and i guess it really means something.

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