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Blue Crush 2
Genre: Drama / Romance / Sport
Director(s): Mike Elliott
Release Date: 06 June 2011
Movie rating: 5.4
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What is the movie Blue Crush 2 about?
The story centers at a very determined and courageous girl, ready to fulfill her dreams. Dana (acted by Sasha Jackson) is a gorgeous eighteen-year old girl and a striking surfer, who has got lots of prizes and medals for her surfing achievements. Many trophies on the shelves in her room are the evidence of her success. She lives in Beverly Hills with her father and her mom passed away some time ago. Dana’s father wants her to end up with her hobby and enter the college to get higher education. However, Dana follows her deceased mother’s dream and flees from home to South Africa, the place were her mom lived and the world’s awesome beaches for surfing are. Dana starts on a water journey to fulfill her mother’s dream of surfing the killer waves on Jeffery’s Bay.
Blue Crush 2 Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Blue Crush 2 HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2Blue Crush 2
París Waterman @ 29-Jun-2014 10:54 Report a spam

What can I say about the sequel pat of the Blue Crush? Well, considering the rotten quality of the original movie, it seems all the sequel had to do was show up and surf. However, instead, we get elephant poaching and endless looks of pinched bewilderment. Honestly, I have never missed John Stockwell more then while watching this film.

Lena @ 25-Jun-2014 10:55 Report a spam

I think it is a very depressing movie, we all are going through difficult moments in life, but not in all the cases so early. I admire the main character of the movie, for the internal power that she was able to show. She really did a good job with fulfilling the dream of her mother. I believe it is very important for people not to forget about the roots, as this is exactly what makes us being people, and if being good people then eventually it is even better.I enjoyed seeing this bright movie, even though it is a drama, i can say that it gave me some power to continue struggling with day to day problems, and not paying too much attention to them, as my problems in comparison with the problems of the main character are simply nothing.

Hayden @ 09-Jun-2014 21:31 Report a spam

Losing a dear person is always a very difficult moment in life, and eventually not everyone would be able to live with that, as well as bearing the thought that the dear person you loved and known from the first day of your life doesn’t exist anymore, for me it is a very difficult moment. I am not sure how i would behave if i would lose my mom, who is everything for me, she is my best friend, advisor, she is the only person i trust and am willing to give my life for, so i cannot imagine how would i feel or be without her. Probably my whole world would collapse. That is why i understand how Dana was feeling, although that was the first time i have seen this actress in a movie, i can certainly say that she was very good in what she was doing. The sadness in her eyes was so real that it even made me cry a few times during the movie. I would not advise this movie to person who is going through serious bad moment in life, as this movie can help falling into a deep depression.

Lisen @ 03-Jun-2014 00:52 Report a spam

I guess it is one of the worst things in life when someone dear to our hearts dies, and leaves us for good, this is exactly what happened to the main hero of the movie. Dana is being “haunted” by the memories of her dead mother that is why she decides to leave Malibu and to go to South Africa in order to fulfill her mother’s dream in one of the local lagoons. Her mother always dreamed about surfing, but never was able to make her dream come true. That was the moment when her daughter has stepped in and done it in the honor of her mother. I guess it is a very decent thing of her, though I am sure her mother wouldn’t dream her daughter to risk her life that much, by the end of the movie Dana has found the spiritual peace, as well as a variety of new friends and people who care about her. I can say that it is a easy to watch movie, which can be watched by family or even alone.

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