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Bringing Up Bobby
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Famke Janssen
Release Date: 22 March 2014
Movie rating: 5.1
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What is the movie Bringing Up Bobby about?
Bringing Up Bobby is a tale of Olive who is a European con-artist. She wants to escape from her troubled past and build a better future for her son Bobby. They find themselves living in Oklahoma and Olive gives her son all of the things which she never could have had. She enrolls him in a school, makes him study and gives her best to be a good mother. With the help of her old friend Walt she provides for her son in the only way she knows how. Her son starts displaying troubling behavior at school and in their neighborhood. Bobby has a run-in with a local wealthy businessman Kent and Olivia's past starts to haunt her, making her take action in to her own hands. Olive is played by Milla Jovovich, and she does an excellent job at portraying a single mother who would do anything for her child. The story of the movie might seem a bit mundane and over-played, but it is done in an interesting way which doesn't make the movie bad. Fans of Milla's movies will definitely love this one, she is as gorgeous as ever and her acting might be a bit over the top but she never disappoints. This comedy is definitely worth seeing.
Bringing Up Bobby Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Bringing Up Bobby HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Bringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up BobbyBringing Up Bobby
Sabina @ 30-Jul-2014 00:05 Report a spam

I can say that this movie shows once again, that habit is the second nature of every person. So considering the fact that the whole world is used to see Milla Jovovich as the girl who kills monsters with dozens it was hard to watch this movie and think of her different. This movie is a very serious drama that shows the relationship between mature people and teenagers who are trying to act similar to them. The subject line is not new or original. It is a mother who is not very serious, does criminal things and everywhere drags her child without caring too much about the things he sees. While getting from one bad story into another one, the main heroes are wasting their life, until Olive gets into jail, and since that moment Bobby’s life changes completely. New family, new opportunities, new friends who change the boy, though there are more bad things happening which lead to a tragic end of the movie.Olive in the mean time tried to do everything in order to change and get her son back.

Laura @ 29-Jul-2014 23:20 Report a spam

This movie is about a woman immigrant from Ukraine and her son. Her lifestyle has brought her to jail. The main hero loves, maybe in her own way, cheeky, in the only way she can do it, but still she loves her son, this way she will have to make a very difficult choice: or happiness of her son, or her own satisfaction. I don’t know, it looks like there is sense and the problem is underlined, but it is too boring to watch this movie, i have already seen something like this, some boring story, in which the characters are not outstanding, and it is even difficult to keep in memory their names, not to mention dialogues. This movie is not touching, it is not making you to empathize the heroes, and that’s it!
The performance of the actors is quite brief. Only Milla Jovovich and her performance can be underlined, and that’s probably it.
It is a regular drama, about the change of education of the person (woman) about the fact that she changes her path from the wrong one, into the right one.

Rodney @ 29-Jul-2014 22:31 Report a spam

The first moments after watching the movie “Bringing up Bobby” i thought that it is a comedy, but only a few seconds later i saw that it is a completely different movie that has a lot of sense in it it! The story is true from all the sides, and makes you think about life, and lot of words in it were making the soul feel better. I saw this movie and it was very cute for me to see how Mila was speaking Russian, later i read some article that Mila has some Russian roots. Marcia Cross has performed characters about people who were very sick of living, Mila was very sensitive in her performance, and Bill Pullman has shown the picture of a person who all his life dreamed of becoming a father and finally his dream come true. It is one of those legendary movies that it is a must to see at least once per lifetime. And if you will not smile by the end of the movie through tears, than probably you do not have heart souls. This movie has made me feel a whole row of feelings, and it made me happy and sad at the same time.

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