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Director(s): David Von Ancken
Release Date: 12 August 2007
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie Californication about?
If you want a TV show with a lot of controversy, sex and life drama, this is what you have been looking for. Californication is one of the shows that you will love to watch no matter what your favorite genre is. The airing began in 2007 and there has been seven seasons so far. It is all about a writer who loves to drink a lot and party even more. He has a lot of relationships and there is nothing he would like to do to more than to repair all the relationships with his daughter and her mother, but at the same time he has an issue to solve – it is more than hard for him to stop thinking about sex. That is what's on his mind all the time. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that he does drugs every single day. Also, it seems like it is more than difficult to make a good decision for him and as you can see there is a lot of space for a good story with a lot of turns. This comedy/drama consists in more than 80 episodes and each one lasts about 28 minutes. David Duchovny is Hank Moody, you have a chance to watch Natascha McElhone as Karen and also Evan Handler as Charlie Runkle. The director of Californication is Tom Kapinos and he is also known for Dawson's Creek.
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Unfortunately, you will not find any Californication HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Maya @ 26-Jul-2014 11:51 Report a spam

I watch this TV show once per while, and considering the fact that not a long time ago was released its last season it is even more fun. Of course there is a lot of filth in it, a lot of alcohol and drugs, and of course sex and beautiful women. But i do not agree at all with the lifestyle and habits of the main hero. I think the teenagers are acting this way mainly, and they are allowed, but it is not ok for a grown up man to act like this! In real life you need to run away as quick as you can from this kind of man, otherwise you will be same miserable as Karen in the movie, and you will never feel like behind a safe wall with this kind of man. I liked the supporting characters like his friend Rankle and his wife, such a bright and interesting couple. And i didn’t liked the physical appearance of daughter of Hank and Karen. How could such a pretty parents have such an ugly child.Though the actress is very talented and is good in this role. I liked the original and partially vulgar humor!

Cosenza @ 26-Jul-2014 07:22 Report a spam

I advise it to people who enjoy a light, ironic, funny and modern genre of TV shows, as it is a great one, and very captivating, i am already on the fourth season of it! Of course there are a lot of vulgar things in it, but at the beginning this vulgarity was exactly the thing that has pushed me away, and later in the TV show i found a deep meaning and a subject line. In the middle of the first season i was very interested with the further life of Hank Moody and Karen, and whether they will be together or not. And eventually in the moment when i thought here it is the happy end of the movie Hank was doing some mistake and in that moment i hated him. There also some very sad moments in the show, i cried a lot of tears in my pillow. But if you want to watch this show, i suggest you to take your kids far away from the screen. It is not for kids at all, as it is erotic and has a lot of cursing. But nevertheless this show is worth watching. I personally hope that Hank and Karen would do great one day and he will forget about his affairs.

Willard @ 26-Jul-2014 00:24 Report a spam

Well i will start with saying that eventually this tv show is for people older than eighteen years old, and is definitely not for people who cannot stand vulgarity, as in this show there is a lot of it, but maybe this is exactly the feature that makes it so spicy, interesting and captivating? All the subject line is being twisted around Hank Moody and his love Karen, and their daughter. Moody is a man who cannot get enough of fun, and due to it he always gets into various silly sex stories, but he feels love only towards one woman, and that is exactly what makes this TV show even sentimental a little bit. Each episode made me laugh out hard, worry for the heroes and gave me a spicy feeling that i want to see the next episode. In general i can say that it is a light TV show, it is not giving you a heard time, and it allows you to relax and feel positive emotions after watching it, it is very easy to get into it, as well as it is very easy to forget it. There are a lot of funny expression in the movie, so i am sure you will have a lot of fun while watching it!

Roger @ 08-Jul-2014 12:08 Report a spam

Having generally worn out its welcome several seasons earlier, Californication ended its seventh season run Sunday with the kind of whimper Hank Moody himself would disdain.

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