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Released: 2014-06-27
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Cars 2
Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family
Director(s): John Lasseter
Release Date: 18 June 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Cars 2 about?
The movie presents a new high-antiknock adventure of the movie “Cars” characters. Lightning McQueen and his friend Mater are to take participation in competition known as the World Grand Prix race. This race will determine the best rider of the best categories such as Fromula-1, NASCAR and Le Mans. Lightning McQueen will compete with the best from the best on the dangerous and the most picturesque motorways of the world. However, the race without a vortex of events around it is not a race at all! Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater will find themselves involved into the tangled and astounding intrigues of the espionage conspiracy…
Cars 2 Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Cars 2 HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2Cars 2
Costa @ 12-Jul-2014 23:20 Report a spam

I loved the first part of Cars, and had such a great expectations about the second part that i cannot even describe how disappointed i am in this part! First of all i hated the fact that there is only Maeter in this part mostly, while McQuinn appears in “episodes” only. The first part was interesting for practically every single person, because of the interesting subject and unusual characters. The second one is a childish cartoon that would interest probably a person not older than ten fifteen. If not comparing those two parts, than i can say that the second part is also a great cartoon, for children who enjoy bright colors and explosions. But unfortunately a great sense has been lost in the first part! Also it was sad for me to see that the friendship between Maeter and McQuinn was set under a huge question that was a mistake. In general i advise to see this cartoon, just for general information.

Sandy @ 12-Jul-2014 23:14 Report a spam

I think “Cars” is a great cartoon that gathered all the best things from the modern cinema. It has everything! Interesting heroes, characters, subject line, maybe it is a bit childish, but in comparison with the second part, the first one is much better. Unfortunately the second one has become a beautiful attraction, and only a few minutes after it begun i realized that there was invested a much greater budget into it than into the first part! In the second part each twenty minutes something blows up, and the dialogues are not that interesting as in the first part! And there are almost none of good jokes!Of course children would love this cartoon and they will say that it is a great continuation, and they want the part three, but my point of view is that they made a great first part and should not do the second part at all! They “killed” all the great things that were in “cars” before that!

Fay @ 09-Jul-2014 01:05 Report a spam

i didn’t got a lot of emotions while watching it, i even regretted the time i spent on watching it for a minute! Maeter is my favorite character since the first cartoon! He is kind always ready to help and at the same time fearless. And of course the main thing is that he is not boring. The friendship between characters shows that if they chosen each other they should not be ashamed for each other. McQuinn the champion of the races looks good, but Maeter is a old car. They loved each other very much but who could have thought that one day they will be ashamed to say it is my friend. But they corrected it and ever since lived with the motto not to leave each other in difficult moments. The main issue of the movie is that everyone should take the other the way it is. The music in the movie was simple awesome, and the subject line was not too bad. I can say that this cartoon would be interesting not only to children but also to their adult parents!

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