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Cheap Thrills
Genre: Comedy / Thriller
Director(s): E.L. Katz
Release Date: 21 March 2014
Movie rating: 6.7
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What is the movie Cheap Thrills about?
Cheap Thrills is a movie about a man called Craig, he is a working man who has a low-wage job and is threatened with eviction. He has to think of a way to take care of all of his financial problems and goes out to a local bar where he encounters an old friend. Two friends share a round of drinks with a charismatic and wealthy stranger who is in the bar with his wife. The couple calls out a few innocent dares during the evening and in exchange they pay with cash. Each following challenge brings a better reward but it also becomes a bit more twisted as the time passes by. Craig enjoys the easy money but the couple has a weird sense of humor and they try to see just how far are Craig and his friend willing to go. This is a dark movie, a bit disturbing and all in all tense. The movie starts slowly, and the challenges escalate slower than anticipated only to become more and more shocking. The movie can be quite nerve-wrenching and stomach-turning at some moments, but there aren't plenty of scenes which can make the viewers cringe. It is a nice exploration of the human psyche and it shows just how far people are willing to go for money and cheap thrills.
Cheap Thrills Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Cheap Thrills HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Cheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsCheap Thrills
Rodney @ 29-Jul-2014 22:22 Report a spam

Well that is not the first movie i have ever seen in my life which shows me that people are ready to do a lot of things for the sake of money. And when it comes to big money they are able to betray their own family, essence and principles! A few rich sadists offer two poor losers a big amount of money in order to see how they will torture and humiliate each other in front of the sick aristocrats. One of them has done it for the sake of his family, while the other one for the money. You can only guess who the story will develop for them, but i can say that the things they were going through have shown how human they are, and whether they are able to stop or the desire to get a lot of money will kill their ability to think properly and be good people. I felt sick during watching this movie. Mostly due to the fact that i know for sure such things really exist nowadays, like for example the movie “Hostel” that was filmed based on true events, i am scared to see how our society has become angry, and for what it is ready in order to have “fun”.

Cinzia @ 29-Jul-2014 21:20 Report a spam

There is something genius about this movie, something floating in the air. And of course around the same heads. The authors of the movie, which i really liked in general were writing scenario and filming all sort of cheap trash- some low quality horror movies, or other types of movies about maniacs and other crap. But this time they got their goal- as they made a great comedy with black humor. And i am sure that they were inspired by “Four rooms” story filmed by Tarantino. This movie has been aired with a lot of spice in it, which made me stick to the screen and not leaving it even for a second! It is a great movie my dear friends! It is obvious that there are no special effects in the movie. But the sense of humor of the characters, totally rocks, and i can say for sure that it made my day. By the way about a week ago i recommended it to my friend, and he was thrilled by it as well, so that means i can easily recommend it here as well! Guys enjoy it!

Ginger @ 29-Jul-2014 21:05 Report a spam

It is another movie about human greed and lust for money, which is shown in the unusual for it horror manner, with a hint of thriller and dips of cinic black humor. This is a story about two losers who do not have the ability to work hard and earn money, that is why it is impossible to call this way “easy money”. Two old friends since the school time met in the bar for a couple of drinks, and saw a rich guy with his doll wife, and how he was wasting money, that thing has attracted two guys who were upset with the fact that they are not able to earn a lot of money as well.They have nothing to lose, one of them is educating a one years old child and would be fired soon from a low paying job, and the second one is doing some bad criminal stuff to earn his living. The “party” has moved to a house, where everyone has a celebrating mood, accept those two participants who are not in a hurry home at all, as they are craving for money, which they think it will be very easy to get if stealing them. But here come all the problems.

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