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Released: 2014-06-27
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Wish I Was Here
Released: 2014-07-25
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The Art of the Steal
Released: 2014-06-20
Cold Comes the Night
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Tze Chun
Release Date: 10 January 2014
Movie rating: 5.7
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What is the movie Cold Comes the Night about?
Sophia and her mother (a motel owner) are abducted by a nearly blind Polish criminal. He wants them to serve as his eyes when he attempts to retrieve his cash package from a crooked cop. Chloe is a single mother and she has to take care of her daughter Sophie without any financial (or whatsoever) support. She is in charge of a small motel. Topo is that Polish blind man who travels cross country with John, his associate. Both of them are extremely tired and they stop at Chole’s motel in order to get some food. After John spots a prostitute at the motel, he convinces Topo to spend the night there. While John has sex with Gwen (the prostitute) they start fighting and eventually John shoots the girl. Chloe wakes us because of the noise and goes to Gwen’s room in order to see what has happened there. To her surprise she finds two corpses there: both John and Gwen are dead. She calls for police who start investigating the case. Chloe is angry because a prostitute was found in her motel. She’s so worried because a social worker came for several times and threatened to take away Sophia.
Cold Comes the Night Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Cold Comes the Night HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Cold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the NightCold Comes the Night
Lee @ 23-Jul-2014 04:15 Report a spam

I can say that it is nothing special about this movie, only the actor who played one of the main roles Bryan Cranston, except him i don't really understand what else can be interesting about this movie?! His character is a killer that has no mercy, is very handsome and sometimes is being just, he together with his partner who is an idiot should bring a sum of money to the destination point. The idiot is being killed in a accident fight by a whore. This way the killer, who has troubles with seeing is taking this girl as a prisoner so she can help him getting those money back. Ughh, this plot is “screaming” about the need of help. The motivation of the actions by the heroes are not very well understood. I can definitely say that this movie is cheap, it looks cheap and its quality is cheap. I cannot imagine the person who was willing and as a result invested money into this filming, I guess he is even more idiot than Cranston’s partner in the movie, well in the case if it is possible of course !

Frits @ 19-Jul-2014 00:02 Report a spam

Well the main idea that the two lonely spirits have met. And each of them got what deserved. The bandit got the only decent example of a woman in the face of the poor lady. And of course the considering of this idea has made a certain effect upon him. And the main hero of course was happy to find a carrying about her person who is willing to help and support her and be there when she will need him. And it is sad. Because in the kind and good world everything should be in a different way! And it is a fact that you need to pay for everything, and not yawn which is also very well demonstrated. If you stepped on the sliding road than you need to be ready to pay for the choice made. A person should never forget , that he is in charge for some other people as well, and there is a sort of responsibility in front of each other. Otherwise life would be a banal existing and not more than that! I think this thriller doesn’t have anything special about it, except the people who have performed the main roles in it.

Leyla @ 18-Jul-2014 01:55 Report a spam

If taking away a few things in the movie that were not clear to me, than i would say that it is just perfect. And especially due to the great performance of actors in it! In their attempt to show the main things about the movie- the desire of the person to choose loneliness and sensibility in the modern world.
This is exactly what the movie director meant when he has chosen the main character who was blind. No one knew why and for what reason, but it doesn’t really matter. Losing sight has been made harder by the fact that the main hero is getting old, and he has no one but himself. And the conditions of his work are not very good either. But he has nothing to do about it, as there is no choice, or you live like that, or you don’t.
This movie is very difficult to watch as there is a lot of despair in it, and personally for me it is hard, as if i watch something or read a book, i get to attached by the heroes of the story, which makes me vulnerable towards their fears and problems. I do not recommend it to people who are going through hard times in their lives now!

Jeff @ 23-May-2014 15:32 Report a spam

The plot and characters all appear to be consequences of a group of writers that just didn't have a single iota of originality among the three of them, and as a result, it's simply not worth your time.

Katy @ 23-May-2014 15:29 Report a spam

A tense thriller that provides juicy roles for its deft lead actors, Alice Eve and Bryan Cranston, as well as some well-played action and several neat twists.

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