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Cougar Hunting
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Robin Blazak
Release Date: 22 April 2011
Movie rating: 3.6
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What is the movie Cougar Hunting about?
“Cougar Hunting” represents a funny flashing young people’s comedy. Finally, having understood that they have no chances for the sexual experience in their native town, three friends in their 20s: Tyler, Tom and Dick decide to go to Aspen (Colorado) – a ski resort town, where as it rumored, there are the most attractive, easily accessible, mature women – cougars, who like young men and date them with great pleasure. When the guys get into the town they are amazed how many hot older women are there, they look, dress and talk sexy. The three buddies understand they are in the right place… However, things can develop differently if you are inexperienced…
Cougar Hunting Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Cougar Hunting HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Cougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar HuntingCougar Hunting
Vita @ 02-Aug-2014 12:18 Report a spam

Who can describe the life of middle aged women than a woman of that same age. That’s right Robin Blazak did it in the best possible way. And somehow she was able to create a comedy for teenagers that became a very capturing one! Some people compare it with the “American pie”, but i do not agree with this assumption, because i think it is a much better movie! There were a lot of unknown young actors, who were simple and natural, they were surrounded with such personalities as Lara Flynn Boyle and Vanessa Angel. It is a great comedy that has no stop sign.
Yes there are a lot of vulgar jokes in the movie, in direct and indirect sense. But this movie doesn’t show any kind of good morality.
So if you are young, and have a great sense of humor, or if your head was at least once blown up, than this movie is for you! I can say that this movie will show real action! And the beauty of the women who are not that young anymore, is very impressing! That is one of the reasons i liked this movie so much!

Ania @ 02-Aug-2014 02:36 Report a spam

I recommend this movie to people who enjoy light teenager comedies that have some sexual context, though i think it is better not to show it to the children! This movie was directed by Robin Blazeck, and become quite successful since its release date! The plot is very easy and natural. There are three young people who are not very lucky with their sexual life in the town they were born. And that was the reason why they decided to move with the hope that in the new town everything will change. This movie reminds me the good and old American pie, awe i miss Stiffler and his jokes, they were hilarious and looked very natural, like they were showing his essence and not because he said them according to the scenario. During watching this movie there is no need to think! There are not that many funny moments as there could be. So people who admire this kind of movies are more than welcome to enjoy it! I watched it not with great pleasure, but still it is good enough for watching it once.

Ianina O'Brien @ 01-Aug-2014 03:57 Report a spam

If someone watched and enjoyed the movie “American pie” than will certainly love this movie as well. It has a very original subject and there is a lot of specific humor in it, as well as other funny findings of the movie director and scenario writer, this way the movie is very attractive for people who like comedies!
The essence of the scenario is very traditional, there are three hungry and crazy teenagers who desperately seek women, girls or even grandmothers! Their life is simply awful! They are sick of suffering! And here comes the news that there is a place there women of the middle age are jumping themselves on men. And of course those three losers decide to visit that place! After getting ready for not a very long time they start their trip being very enthusiastic about it! And here starts all the interesting story! I recommend it to people who enjoy nice and not very serious comedies that are aimed to increase the mood and give a lot of positive emotions instead of making a bad day.Though i think it would be better not to show it to children, as there are a lot of vulgar scenes in it.

Mitch @ 12-Jun-2014 11:38 Report a spam

I decided to watch this movie when I had nothing to do at home and the entire movie that I have on DVDs were those, I have already seen. Then I recollected that my friend has given me this movie ad I decided to try it. Without great expectations I put it on and took pop corn, sat on the sofa and … it was a total blast… I simply laughed my ass out, so hilarious it is! The film does the job brilliantly – it is hilarious and entertaining! The funny thing is that my mom has enjoyed it as well, and she is almost 60! years old, not a cougar though.) In general, it is a brainless comedy that aims at audience t relax and simply have fun. Definitely it is not a cinematographic master piece, no way, but a comedy a la ‘American Pie’

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