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Released: 2014-08-27
The Green Inferno
The Green Inferno
Released: 2014-09-05
God Help the Girl
God Help the Girl
Released: 2014-07-01
Die Hard
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller
Director(s): John McTiernan
Release Date: 01 January 1988
Movie rating: 8.2
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What is the movie Die Hard about?
Considered one of the greatest action movies ever made, “Die Hard” has made Bruce Willis a bona fide action hero. In this John McTiernan directed movie Willis stars as John McClane, a NYPD detective traveling to LA for Christmas in order to mend the severed ties between him and his estranged wife Holly. There is a big Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza building where Holly works, and John goes there. The party is interrupted by a terrorist group led by Hans Gruber. Gruber holds the party people hostage claiming to demand the release of certain political prisoners, but in reality he is planning to rob the vault in the Nakatomi Plaza containing more than 600 million dollars. While other hostages are contained, McClane manages to escape the terrorists, hide inside the building and notify the police about the events. McClane then proceeds to kill off the terrorists one by one in a number of brutal and spectacular ways. Gruber plans to escape by blowing up the roof of the building and faking his death and the deaths of his men. McClane learns of his plan, but Gruber learns that Holly is McClane’s wife and he takes her hostage. McClane surrenders his weapon to save Holly, but then manages to distract the terrorists long enough to produce a hidden gun taped to his back. He shoots Gruber in the shoulder and sends him flying to the ground, but Gruber holds on to Holly. McClane desperately tries to separate Gruber from Holly, and finally manages to do so, sending he German terrorist down into his imminent death.
Die Hard Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Die Hard HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Die HardDie HardDie HardDie HardDie HardDie HardDie HardDie HardDie HardDie Hard
Markus @ 08-Aug-2014 11:12 Report a spam

"Die Hard" is one of my personal all time favorites and it holds a special place in my heart. When I was little my Dad worked night shift a lot at the water plant, and many nights my mom would let me stay up and watch movies with her. "Die Hard" was always on and always at the same parts. She and I watched this so many times it is crazy. This is the perfect action movie. Funny, thrilling, great performances, and great characters. McClane and Gruber are one of the best hero/villain combinations in movie history. Rickman has never been better, and this is the movie that made Willis a superstar.

Lika @ 29-Jul-2014 07:15 Report a spam

I think it is simply impossible not to like such movie, as “Die Hard” because Bruce Willis in it was simply amazing and very charming in everything he was doing, his smiles, his jokes, everything, i can swear that half of women of the world were enchanted by his smirk and smiles. Who could perform better such character as John McKlein, if not him then whom. I think the movie producer has done a great job while filming this movie, as the story is decent, as well as the entire working crew!

Orva @ 26-Jul-2014 10:30 Report a spam

I cannot say that i am very disappointed with this movie. Despite the fact that it was filmed a long time ago, i am ashamed to say that i have watched it the first time only not a long time ago, and only due to the fact that i decided to see all the movies with Bruce Willis. And i can say that i was definitely wrong for not watching it earlier. This movie is full of great jokes, and of course there is a beautiful romance story in it. After i saw it the first time about three weeks ago, i already watched it for not less than seven times, and still cannot get enough of it. Of course i loved most of all first two movies, but still can definitely say that all the five parts of “Die hard” deserve my total respect! I think every nation needs this kind of hero, that will stay for its believes in any situation, and will never leave people who need help without it. And i am glad that in my country this person is Bruce Willis, of course he is not the real hero, but he is the person who shows the spirit of the nation to the entire world.

Gemma @ 26-Jul-2014 05:40 Report a spam

I always watch the die hard, when it shown on the television, and i do have all the parts of it downloaded on my memory stick. Because it is a really great action movie I watch it mostly due to Bruce Willis performing in it! The presence of this actor in each movie is a warranty of quality for me. It means that there will be action, shooting and crazy chasing, though i should admit that Bruce is able to perform a variety of images and in different genres. Of course some moments in the movie were not really real, as it is impossible to see this kind of things in real day to day life, but still it didn’t change my impression about the movie, and everything else doesn’t really matter.I am wondering is every person in police, is able to do all the stunts that Bruce was showing in Die hard? If yes, than i should probably look for a policeman for the position of my future husband, lol i am joking of course! Anyway if by some accident you haven’t seen this movie as far as for now, then you have to “confess” this sin by watching it!

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