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The Art of the Steal
The Art of the Steal
Released: 2014-06-20
Released: 2014-08-01
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Endless Love
Genre: Drama / Romance
Director(s): Shana Feste
Release Date: 14 February 2014
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie Endless Love about?
Romeo and Juliet theme will never lose its attractiveness for movie directors and writers from all over the world. “Endless Love” is a modern interpretation of the well-known subject; the story is ageless indeed. David works at his father’s car service center, sometimes he’s reckless and bold, but he’s definitely a good guy. Jade occupies quite the contrary position – she belongs to one of the richest families in the city. Her father is very strict; consequently she has a closer relationship with her mother. Jade has medical practice and an elite university ahead of her. In other words, there’s an immense social difference between these two young people. She’s a privileged child, who has always lived in a cage, while he is pauper, whose hands are always dirty. David has been attracted by Jade for approximately 4 years and finally he gets a chance to meet her. Jade’s father thinks that freedom will spoil his daughter, that’s why she has to stay in her “castle” all the time. It is a movie about the very first love, the one that’s pure and innocent; the one that hasn’t been spoilt yet.
Endless Love Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Endless Love HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Endless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless LoveEndless Love
Leah @ 27-Jun-2014 22:11 Report a spam

The name of the movie doesn't really correspond to the subject line. This movie might be liked only by veery romantic natures, and of course only by women. As about boys, hmmm i guess they will not find it that attractive, only people dreaming of huge real love will like it. This movie teaches us to fight for our love till the last breathe, that there are no limits or boundaries on true love's way.
So yeah i do recommend watching it! This movie is one of my favorites between love stories, it is not that sassy as the "Notebook", but still quite good. So hopefully everyone will get same great mood after watching it, as i did. The good thing is that napkins for clearing tears will be not needed!

Cordelia @ 27-Jun-2014 21:30 Report a spam

I got a whole "ocean" of emotions while watching this movie! During watching it i all the time wanted or to smile or to cry, awe God i didn't felt so much emotions because of a movie for a very long time! It is really a good one, so i cannot understand people who are talking about it not in a very nice way! It is very much alike the movie "The Notebook" which is also quite good, but from my point of view is overrated, and there is a lot of overreaction in it. I watched it on one breathe. The plot is simple, he is not an angel, he is tall, strong and daring person who is obsessed with cars. She is a very good student who is originally from a very good family. Their love is impossible, that is why it is desired by them twice more. Their passion throws them in the arms of each other, and from this moment together they are against everyone. This movie is a bit too "sweet" for me but it made me remember my old school love :).

Savannah @ 25-Jun-2014 11:28 Report a spam

I would advise this movie to people who dream about romantics and love, because that is exactly what i see a lot in this movie. After i saw it i had a very romantic mood and all the emotions i had in my mind were positive, as well as i kept this mood for a long time. Although i am a very emotional person i can say that not every movie is able to put me in this kind of mood, this movie impressed me so much that i had tears in my eyes, not every movie is able to do it. But this movie has its pluses and minuses. The pluses are that life how it might change when one person meets its soul mate, is very well developed in it. We all change when we are in love, and the second important plus is that this novel is a very good, sincere and kind love story. The actors are very good and they played their roles at the best possible level. The main minus is how banal this story is, as we all have seen it not once in some other movies.

Dave @ 22-May-2014 08:06 Report a spam

"Endless Love" isn't so much a remake of the 1981 Franco Zeffirelli film as it is an extended advertisment for the harmonious ideal Abercrombie & Fitch lifestyle.

Ben @ 22-May-2014 08:05 Report a spam

None of the players shows much personality, but it's hard to blame them, given how thinly the characters have been imagined by screenwriters Shana Feste and Joshua Safran.

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