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Genre: Comedy / Drama / Mystery
Director(s): Lenny Abrahamson
Release Date: 02 May 2014
Movie rating: 7.0
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What is the movie Frank about?
John is a young man who has been fond of music since he remembers himself. He has a very strong interest in music and therefore joins a very eccentric band called “Soronprfbs”. Not only it is hard to pronounce the band’s name, but it is also led by a very strange and even mysterious guy who names himself Frank. At the beginning of the movie we witness how John is invited to join the aforementioned band right after his concept on the only condition that he is able to play a few notes. He gladly accepts the invitation, and as soon as he joins the band, they move to Ireland to record their new album. Naturally they rehearse a lot and so John posts videos of their rehearsal sessions on Internet. The band’s main goal is to appear at the South by Southwest festival, so by posting videos they try to attract publicity’s attention. John posts various stuff on Twitter as well, so throughout the film numerous Twitter posts appear on the screen. At a certain moment John realizes that he’s bitten off more than he can chew.
Frank Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Frank HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Sirpa @ 24-Jul-2014 01:54 Report a spam

I can say that this movie is for amateur, and luckily i am exactly this kind of person. It is a almost real story of a musician who during his concerts, as well as in the other time was wearing a giant doll head. Hmmm, for some reason he really enjoyed that. There is a lot of black humor in the movie, a lot of music, a lot of funny jokes, and of course the anonymous Fassbender inside the artificial doll head. And he was very cool in this role. I even felt sorry he is not performing in comedies, i think this is the genre in which he would become a star. Of course in the original story of the guy wearing a doll head was much more drama. As that guy died because of cancer and was not even able to live till the moment when the movie about him was released. But for some reason i think he would like it, because due to this movie he become a not standard person for a lot of generations. I cannot say that this movie is hilarious, but still it is a interesting one. So i think it is worth watching this movie!

Hannah @ 19-Jul-2014 05:04 Report a spam

Frank is exactly the thing that i can call art. Art is something that makes you feel certain emotions. Maybe those are anger or disgusting. But never before the movie has made me feel same emotions as “Frank”. And after i got out of the cinema i needed not less than ten minutes in order to go through it completely. The streets that i was walking afterwards seemed to be life the decorations from the movie. And on the half way i started crying with a smile on my face, and it surprised me because even i was not able to understand why i was crying.
In this movie the mean ordinary things are shown in a very polite and soft way, and that has acted upon me as a bomb of a slow action. I can also say that the performance of the actors has also been good, they did their best to reveal the subject line, although no matter how bright the characters really were they could not reveal the essence of Frank. Some things should be simply felt. This movie is all about feeling simple things, just like they are happening to you!

Angel @ 18-Jul-2014 04:16 Report a spam

I think that on the Sundance film festival there are rare cases when good movies or cartoons are being showed there or nighly rated, i don't even know how they manage to exist till the day of today. There are a lot of great and normal movies at the Hollywood, it has the name land of dreams not just like that but due to some very important issues. And from the other side in order to learn appreciating good things we need to go through bad and crazy ones, lnly this way we will be able to appreciate the good things about the cinema.
Frank is eactly the kind of movie perfect for Sundance, it is an amazing movie that is able to nrainwash and break your brain and not even once, but a few times. For example i felt like i have been to the cosmos and back after watching it, i cannot say that it is the best possible feeling ever! I can say that this movie is good only for the admirers of the genre, while a real normal person would feel nothing but dissapointment from watching it, i really doubt i will ever be able to meet that person who will like it. It is the real story of the musician who enjoyed wearing a huge doll head on his shoulders during the concerts and in usual life. Not because of the fame, but because he thought that was cool. Yuke, psycho!!!!

Ed @ 23-May-2014 15:01 Report a spam

Despite his exaggerated, expressionless appearance, Fassbender subtly conveys the sadder elements of this story about a man whose head begins to weigh heavily on his shoulders.

Peter @ 23-May-2014 15:01 Report a spam

Perhaps Chris Sievey would have appreciated the punk sensibility behind this approach but surely not Frank's inability to connect with anyone, outside his troupe of broken bandmates?

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