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Released: 2014-11-06
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Night Moves
Night Moves
Released: 2014-05-30
Genre: Action
Director(s): Shinsuke Sato
Release Date: 28 January 2011
Movie rating: 6.4
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What is the movie Gantz about?
… Darkness… You are dead, and you are arisen in a very strange room, with a black glossy sphere in it and many other people, who have passed away recently as well as you. And here arises one justified question – ‘What is going on?’ You doubt whether this has any relationship to the religion, as it is not hell, or purgatory and for sure not paradise at all. It is an ordinary room with the frayed walls and a nice view on Tokio out of the window. An ordinary room if not taking into consideration that the only furniture it has is the huge black ball. However, this is a real trifle in comparison to the fact that your fingers come through the door handle and you are not able to open the door. No, you are not a ghost, you breathe, your heart is beating and you feel really not bad for a person who has been hit by the train a few minutes ago. What awaits you further on?
Gantz Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Gantz HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Elaine @ 11-Jul-2014 03:58 Report a spam

Ha ha, i read that the movie director is considering to film the second part of the movie! Really?! The dialogues are awful, and it is difficult to listen to them and to the text of the main character! I am sure that if this second part will ever be released when people who will go for it could be called masochists for sure!, Because it is a total nonsense in the movie!! When i read the reviews i realized that the fans of anime, on the basis of which the movie was shot simply love this crazy movie. I think the person who is able to think normally would not be able to watch this movie without considerably damaging the brain! Well only if smoking weed and watch it in order to laugh, but it anyway be awkward to watch it! Have no idea what the scenario writer was consuming while writing it, but i want that thing! Now ))))!

Lora @ 09-Jul-2014 11:02 Report a spam

i have no idea what are smocking the japanese movie producers, but i can definitely say that their vision of the world is totally different from mine! I got the impression that the winds are blowing right into their brains. I remembered the fantasy movie “The Seventh” which is same stupid and without any idea laying in the plot of it! I am sure that at the beginning there was an idea, but later everything was messed up! Probably the budget of the movie has been very law as well. The clothes of the heroes looked like they borrowed them from clowns! Monsters from the children videogames who have to be destroyed. The actors are moaning instead of performing, and their characters are wide and stupid!! I did not feel sorry for them when they died, because i realize they died because behaved like morons. So my opinion this movie sucks and should be thrown into trash!

Lori @ 08-Jul-2014 23:41 Report a spam

I am thankful to the sky for the fact that i am able to see the movie “Gantz” online as unfortunately it is one of the movies that will never get on the big cinema screen. The idea of this movie is that after death there is not life in a different body, and not the hollow, but the long lasting communication with the Black Sphere and fighting with mean aliens. Unfortunately i haven't seen the anime on the basis of which it was filmed, but maybe it is even for the better, because as far as i understood there are a lot of sexual scenes in it, which are absent in the movie. The best thing about it are the special effects and the special style of the place where it was filmed. And also i should say that japanese style of filming is a bit different from the european so it is better not to concentrate upon the things that do not matter. I wish you to enjoy your show, and hopefully i will see soon the sequel to this movie.

Stéphane Hewitt @ 15-Jun-2014 21:45 Report a spam

The movie is cool!! I liked the anime and watching the live action version was a real treat. They really stuck to the script of the manga with a few adjustments but otherwise a very close adaptation of the animated series.

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