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Released: 2014-08-01
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Craig Viveiros
Release Date: 24 June 2011
Movie rating: 5.8
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What is the movie Ghosted about?
“Ghosted” vividly depicts the life of one of the British prisons with its violence and its own laws. It is a story of survival, loss and salvation. Jack (John Lynch) has always been a model prisoner, serving his time with no incidents. He loses any hope for the life outside the jail when his wife leaves him on the day of the anniversary of their young son’s death. In his attempts to find the meaning of his life now, he risks it to help a newcomer on their block, Paul (Martin Compston), who gets in the center of "Baron" Clay (Craig Parkinson), local psycho’s attention. However, will Jack have enough powers to save them both?
Ghosted Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Ghosted HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Nelly @ 24-Jul-2014 05:31 Report a spam

I guess this movie would be highly enjoyed by the amateurs of drama with a strong final, but people who don’t like drama would be bored of it, and will consider it as a not very interesting one. During all this action there are no serious subject twists. This movie is according to the scenario is full of details which are very important for the subject, but they do not keep you tensed while waiting for the end of the movie it is like a ride in a train. So if the beginning of your way is getting into a wagon, and the end of the road is when you are getting out of it, than everything during the trip doesn’t really matter. As a result i can say that this movie is a very good one, but not for everyone, and not for me as well, as drama is not my favorite genre, as well as actors were not that great either in it, watching them was a bit boring, i was expecting something more from this movie.

Henning @ 19-Jul-2014 09:22 Report a spam

The biggest part of time i was watching the movie, i was not able to get why it was called this way, and whether something mistic will happen in it or not. And then suddenly, by the end of the movie i realized what was the reason for such a name. Only the end of the movie made me realize everything about it. And the final turn of the events has made me feel fresh,and put everything on the places where it belongs.
This movie is not about some prisons, or ghosts, and not about some invisible powers, it is about a more serious things- about people and their deeds- that are hunting them till the rest of their lives sometimes, they require to make a choice, and to do something good in order to stop feeling guilty about some other action. But all of those things were not done in a proper way that is why it was hard for me to realize the morality of the movie.And of course the dramatic end of the story didn’t make me feel better about it, so in general i can easily say that i didn’t like this movie!

Cathy @ 18-Jul-2014 09:02 Report a spam

This movie has caught my attention with the name, genre and its action that is being developed at the prison. And it was pretty interesting for me. I expected some twisted psychological line, but everything was more banal, and not very corresponding to the thriller genre! It is a simple prison drama about people and their fate that can drive two people crazy at the same place, which are linked to each other, but have no single clue about that. The main hero Jack is spending his last months at the prison, before getting out to the freedom, but the only thing is that he doesn’t really want to go there, because at home no one is waiting for him not his wife ( who is guilty for the fact that he committed the crime), and not even his small son, whose mom has prohibited him to speak with his own father. All he can do is just sit and wait, and spent the time as usually. But everything changes when a new guy with the name Paul is being transferred to their prison. He is so young and gets into the adult prison where he is being spotted by the local “authority”. Jack sees in him something common with his son. Paul is alone and doesn’t know how to behave at the prison, that is why he falls into the trap of so called friendship from that guy, Jack realizes what the bad guy has on his mind, and decided to dedicate the rest of his time at the jail to saving of the boy, though Paul has also a hidden skeleton in the closet.

Spencer @ 11-Jun-2014 14:54 Report a spam

The film represents a mess of prison movie clichés. It lacks anything fresh or special. Simply, a boring time waste and no entertainment at all! If you have a spare hour and a half, give it a try, but be ready for a frustration!

Derek @ 11-Jun-2014 14:51 Report a spam

The film has virtually nothing here that we haven't seen before; the best of it is the acting of the great cast which also includes Art Malik and David Schofield.

Mel @ 11-Jun-2014 14:50 Report a spam

“Ghosted” is a well acted movie, with even the thugs coming across as something more than just two dimensional bad guys; they have their vulnerabilities too. The film is very well written and confidently directed so that it does’nt feel like a debut. Some of the scenes in which Jack and Paul open up to each other, often simply discussing old memories such as when Jack was in Brazil or when Paul was in care, are exemplary examples of characterization rarely seen in today’s commercial world of cinema.

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