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Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / History
Director(s): Ridley Scott
Release Date: 01 January 2000
Movie rating: 8.5
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What is the movie Gladiator about?
A history epic that won the 73rd Academy Awards by a landslide, “Gladiator” helped reinvigorate the public interest in historic dramas. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film tells a fictional tale about Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe), a general in the Roman army. After his great military successes place him in favor of the aging Emperor Marcus Aurelius, he learns of the emperor’s plan to skip relinquishing the throne to his legitimate (but deemed unworthy) son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) and raise him – Maximus – to the position of a regent in the process of making Rome a republic again. When Commodus learns about this from his father, he murders him in order to take the throne. He also orders Maximus and his family killed. Maximus manages to escape, but too late to save his wife and daughter. Grief stricken, he is taken captive by slavers mistaking him for a deserter, and subsequently forced to fight in gladiator tournaments. Maximus, an experienced soldier, keeps winning his battles and rising through the gladiator ranks, and finally he gets a chance to compete at a tournament in Rome. His slaver and recent friend tells him that if he fights well enough he might win his freedom back, but Maximus is more interested in the fact that the winner gets to meet the emperor, which would give him a chance to revenge his family. A series of events leads to an eventual one-on-one showdown between Maximus and Commodus, and we will let you guess who wins the fight – a famous Roman general or an emperor who never experienced a day of battle in his life.
Gladiator Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Gladiator HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Hobart Ponce @ 06-Aug-2014 12:01 Report a spam

This is my all-time favorite movie and I think anyone who doesn't go see it is losing out! But let’s start with me getting to the cinema to watch this film. Instead if a good action story with lots of bloodshed and fighting scenes, I have witnessed the real awesome story not without eh scenes I was expecting though.) This film is spectacular form all points of view: screenplay, acting and directing. Russell Crowe has shown a great performance. Many of his critics who feel that he shouldn't have won an Oscar for his performance are taking it one step further and saying that he was downright dull. I don't know if Crowe deserved the Best Actor Oscar, but I do know that dull he was anything but. The film represents
the best Ridley Scott's job as a director. He gives "Gladiator" an elegance and a darkness that together make the movie rather unique and outstanding.

Tim @ 06-Aug-2014 11:57 Report a spam

I am a true history lover, and to me, “Gladiator” is a masterpiece. It is the most accurate picture of the Roman Empire Hollywood has ever filmed. The costuming, the acting, the screenplay, the scenery, and the fighting styles made me think that I had traveled back to 180 A.D. Russell Crowe is a true Hollywood tough guy, and he is superb in this movie. Joaquin Phoenix is outstanding as a villain, one of the best in movie history. He played his character as if it were a psychologist's dream case. Connie Nielsen plays one of the strongest female characters that I have ever seen. The choreographer of the action sequences was brilliant. Ridley Scott did an outstanding job in recreating the Empire, including the multitude of ethnic groups within the Empire and accurately depicting everyday life. If you're looking for insight into what the Roman Empire was like, this is a perfect depiction.

Annett @ 23-Jul-2014 05:03 Report a spam

I cannot pass by without writing a review about my favorite movie ever, not a long time ago i rewatched it, and once against there were tears in my eyes by the end of it. First of all i should say that the performance of the actors was above all my expectations, the setting of the scenes, the scenario and the cast of the actors were amazing as well.Russell Crowe was wonderful in it! I was watching this movie and perfectly realizing that in those times were people up for betraying, who for the sake of throne they were able to kill their own father. But even in those times there were people who were fighting for their honor in all the possible ways. of course i felt sorry for the main hero, because he lost everything that was precious to him: his wife, and his only beloved son. In general i can say that this movie is a masterpiece, and i recommend it to everyone who has a heart and brain, guys, i am sure you will love it! There are some scenes about this movie that i will never forget!

Jenna @ 19-Jul-2014 00:09 Report a spam

Gladiator is my favorite movie which i am ready to watch a few times per month! Although there are a lot of violent scenes in it, i still love it and watch it every time i have a free evening! Everyone who haven’t seen it for some reason i really advise to correct their mistake. But people who are very impressive better not to watch it, as some scenes are too cruel, but i think without them this movie wouldn’t have been the movie we all know and love. The actors did just great in it, and no wonder that Russell Crowe has won an Oscar for it, i watched it, and i could not control my own breathing during watching. Some of the historical facts are true, that is what makes this movie even more special. The end of the movie is very sad, the bad people were punished and it is a great thing, but sometimes the price paid for it is too high. The main idea is that good things always beat the bad ones! It is a great movie and you should watch it! I wish i was there and met him in real life, i think he truly was a real man!

Libby @ 18-Jul-2014 02:01 Report a spam

This legendary movie is my favorite one! It is a real masterpiece in the world of cinema in all the senses of this sentence. There is so much vital sense in it, and the actors were just magnificent! I do not say more than they deserve
I have watched this movie a great variety of times, and still each time i am watching it, it is like the first time i am going through all the pain that Maximus has went through. And each time i cannot help myself but crying at the top of my voice in the cruel scene when he is being killed with the knife by the mean emperor, who knew he will not have any chance to win a fight, if not doing something evil. I felt very sorry for general’s family and for all the rest of gladiators and slaves who were used like animals. I cannot believe that a person can do something like this to another equal person. That is awful. And the fact that a son is killing his own father. Awe my God, i am so happy i do not live in those cruel times! I advise everyone to see this wonderful movie!

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