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Genre: Comedy / Drama / Music
Director(s): Brad Falchuk
Release Date: 18 May 2009
Movie rating: 6.7
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What is the movie Glee about?
Comedy, drama, music... That is what Glee has to offer. This TV series from 2009 has quickly become one of the most watched teen musical shows of all time. They sing, dance and try their best in order to escape reality. This was one of the main reasons for them to join the glee club. Everyone has their own dreams to chase and that leaves a lot of space for the stars of the show to show what they can do and to create many interesting stories. First of all, we would like to mention that there are really many stars of the show and many of them are still popular. If you are a fan of Glee, we have some good news for you – you will be able to watch the show all the way to the year 2015, when you can expect to watch the 6th of the show. Here are some of the notable stars of the show: Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel, Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, Kevin McHale as Artie Abrams, Lea Michele as Rachel Berry, Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester... It all starts after the Spanish teacher ha become the director of the school and the failing Glee Club. He is doing his best to make the club stand on its feet as soon as possible, but that is not an easy task at all. This series has an unofficial name – High School Musical for Adults and it is exactly that. It tells many touching stories about love, failure and success...
Glee Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Glee HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Dániel @ 23-Jul-2014 03:09 Report a spam

Glee is a qualitative musical TV show, it attracts by the comedy in the plot, bright and interesting characters, and great music scenes. The students were given various tasks which were aimed to underline and reveal their individuality. It is shown the actual problem of the modern students, the heroes are falling in love, they are breaking up, lying and apologize, make conclusions about the sexual orientation, and of course there is a problem with a early pregnancy- which is being a subject for ironic comments from other students. It is a bit irritating the unreality of events in the show. All the students at the moment when they are trying to get into glee already have great voices, it is not real, and all those music numbers were made with a lot of makeup and in costumes, and at the same time there is a teacher in it, who keeps complaining about the low budget of the school. I got the feeling that there more was exposed the problem of behavior, than the real talents. I recommend it to people who are fond of music.

Jonne @ 18-Jul-2014 23:28 Report a spam

I was pulling out for a very long time until i finally started watching this amazing TV show. As a person that has to do with the world of music i was very afraid of getting disappointed. But it was in vain! The “Glee” TV show is a vivid, interesting, original and qualitative show! At the beginning i watched it myself, and after that i advised it to my teacher of music art! And now we both have bags with the picture of the main heroes on it, and both ordered cups with the name “Glee” on them. The only thing i don’t really like, is that during the process of filming the scenario writers kept changing the couples with each other, so by the end of the show everyone dated everyone in t! well maybe it is normal for them. There is a lot of music in the show, and all of it is of a very good quality!
There were a lot of dynamic scenes and performances of the Broadway music, as well as modern songs singing! So i enjoyed it especially the first seasons, so if you are a creative person, i guess you might like it as well!

Jean @ 18-Jul-2014 01:26 Report a spam

I can say that i was “set” to watch this TV show by my friend. The first few episodes, i was not able to get what is going on, and what she has found so attractive in it. As i was terribly irritated by the main hero, i just wanted to strangulate her for a couple of times! But i was watching it, because i like beautiful voices and the way they were behaving. And the teacher of sports, Sue was also very fun with her great jokes!
Little by little i even started downloading music from this show, and when i finished the first season i realized that i liked it, and during watching the second one i fell in love with it, and its characters! I never thought i will get so attached to it, but each new episode was a lesson for me, a lesson with great music. During three seasons i was worried and happy for the heroes. But i totally hated the fourth and the fifth seasons, they were like written by a different person who never watched it before! Those two seasons totally killed my impression from the first three seasons, that is why i advise only the first three seasons!

Scott @ 16-Jul-2014 18:28 Report a spam

To one degree or another, I was embarrassed for all the actors reaching beyond their talents to try to save bad writing and, far too often, delivering crying jags that rang completely false and hollow.

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