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Genre: Biography / Crime / Drama
Director(s): Martin Scorsese
Release Date: 01 September 1990
Movie rating: 8.7
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What is the movie Goodfellas about?
To be honest, we are great fans of Martin Scorsese's movies and Goodfellas is one of the classics in which you have a chance to see fantastic Robert De Niro as James Conway, Ray Liotta as Henry Hill and Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito. In this movie, we have a chance to see how the mob life looks like in the 60's and 70's in New York. There are three figures through the story and there is also a young by in the hood where he needs to learn from some of the roughest guys that we can think of. There are a lot of hijacks and burglaries in Goodfellas and these are some of the biggest that the town has ever seen. After serving the jail, Henry is forced to sneak out around the back of the local mob boss Paulo Cicero in order to live the life of luxury. In the end, it doesn't turn out the way they imagined it to be and that is when a lot of mess starts to happen. Goodfellas is all about good fellas who are not really very good, and if they want to stay alive, they have to do whatever they can. This movie is based on a true story and it cleverly reflects the life of the mobsters in the mid 20th century in the capitol of all mobsters New York City.
Goodfellas Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Goodfellas HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Callisto Honea @ 29-Jul-2014 06:57 Report a spam

It is not a simple movie, it is magic! This movie is for people who enjoy the beauty, and classics of the world’s cinema. The scene one after another is surprising by its beauty and dips into the life of the heroes. I watched this movie by accident on the channel for people who enjoy legendary movies, and was simply amazed by it! It is not a regular gangster story, it is the story of life, of one person and while watching it, sometimes i even wanted to be on his place, being surrounded with such mentors as the fabulous Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci. This guy (the main hero) didn’t know with what he is going to deal with, and since he was amazed by gangsters since his childhood, and never thought about the things they can teach him, i was captured same as him with the spirit of each scene, and felt like saying to the main hero “Come on, think about it why do you need all this luxury, think of the price that you need to pay for it”. The performing crew is fantastic, and due to them this movie rocks!

Thim Gavin @ 26-Jul-2014 10:15 Report a spam

This movies worth being seen, especially for the amateurs of the genre. Although it is a long one, i cannot say that i had a feeling that it was too stretched, i watched it on one single breath, there wonderful performance of the actors, and the interesting subject of the movie has made it special for people who watched it. I didn’t had even one moment during the movie that has made me feel bored. It was unpredictable, it is the movie about gangsters, there is a lot of good humor in it, and there is a lot of black one! And also if taking into consideration how it was filmed (based on true events) it was simply gorgeous for me! It was interesting to watch how they will make up a new affair, and after it will find a way out from all the problems fallen. This movie is amazing, that is why i advise it with a clear heart and mind, so enjoy your time during watching it!

Margie @ 26-Jul-2014 05:12 Report a spam

I watch the list of the movies that were listed as the best ones in the wikipedia. One of such movies has become “Goodfellas” for me. I watched it, and felt bored because of it, a few times i even made a break during it, because it was not interesting at all. Even though the movie lasts for almost two hours, i kept thinking that here, here the real action will start, something moreover interesting, but something like that never happened. At the beginning that stupid boy who dreamed of becoming a gangster as a result become a drug addicted person who was cheating on his wife, helped killing and went to murders as a company. It is a real crap, and of course this movie doesn’t bring any good message to people who are watching it, where murders were something very normal, nothing is well appreciated. And the fact that it was filmed based on true events makes it even worse. In general i cannot understand how anyone could like this movie.

Gary @ 08-Jul-2014 11:53 Report a spam

I really can't decide whether this movie, or one of the first two Godfather films is the greatest Mafia film of all time. Whereas those movies provide a great look into the higher levels of the mob world, this one gives a look into the working class lower levels populated by the working class blue collar wiseguys, and it is just as fascinating and brilliant.

Roger @ 08-Jul-2014 11:52 Report a spam

From its opening scene of shocking brutality through its remaining 150 minutes of electrifying, relentless drama, violence, humor and horror, Martin Scorsese`s spellbinding Mafia saga GoodFellas is a film audiences will long remember.

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