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Genre: Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi
Director(s): Spike Jonze
Release Date: 10 January 2014
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie Her about?
Her is a romantic drama with elements of science fiction. It tells a tale of a man named Theodore who is lonely and in the final stages of the divorce process. He works as a letter writer and enjoys playing video games and sometimes hanging out with his buddies. He purchases an operating system called OS1 which is the world's first artificially intelligent operating system. Theodore quickly finds himself drawn into it and he gets enticed by Samantha, the voice behind his OS1. They spend plenty of time together and eventually fall in love. Theodore is a bit confused and doubtful about his feelings, but he is also joyful about it. Samantha is intelligent and she helps Theodore in ways in which no one else could have, but is she able to help him with his inner conflicts? Music and the sound design are amazing, they are what keeps the atmosphere so fresh and alluring. The music helps out a lot with setting up the scene no matter if it is funny or sad, the music makes it even better. The script is a bit easy to predict, but that isn't a minus. The story is believable and every scene in the movie is powerful and engaging. You will feel happy, sad and confused while watching Her and you will definitely learn a thing or two about life after the credits have rolled. Joaquin Phoenix does an amazing job at playing Theodore and the movie wouldn't have been the same without him. Definitely give Her a go, it is a movie which is bound to make you enjoy every moment of it.
Her Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Her HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Justin Dickens @ 03-Sep-2014 21:57 Report a spam

Simply boring. Great acting, but I could not buy in to the love story one bit, and I am a Joaquin Phoenix fan. Can I have my 2 hours back? I just waited and waited thinking that with such good reviews, something big must be coming... Nothing. There is nothing remarkable about this movie whatsoever. I rarely dislike movies, and I rarely give anything under a 5, so this is a big deal for me. Note, I am a software engineer and half the guys I work with feel the same and the other half absolutely loved the film. I have had a lot of discussions about this and would say that if you are not into it within the fist 30 minutes, them you most likely will suffer through the rest just the same.

Gina Papp @ 03-Sep-2014 21:57 Report a spam

Her is a simple film that offers a view of love I never thought could come from a machine and its software. Although critics will cite the theme as a screed against the distancing of technology and our growing isolation from each other, and they will be right, I offer the sub theme that only when we strip ourselves of sensual bonds can we see the purity of emotional love, an essence of which Plato would have approved. Yes, although technology is mediating our lives at a rapid pace, we fall back to a personal drive to love and be loved that is physical in its best form but understood best if we can distance ourselves from that physicality.

Clarence @ 24-Jul-2014 02:40 Report a spam

Although the actors were pretty good, and the scenario was pretty intriguing, and the movie won a variety of awards, but still i can easily say that i hardly ever felt this kind of boring feelings about a movie. I watched it at home, and it took me four attempts in order to watch it till the end. It was literally stuck on one boring phaze, no dynamics and no evolving of events at all. Of course there was a lot of romance, but it was an unreal one. Boring romance of a romantic dude with operational system, that is the intrigue of the movie. It was crap. And the words of the characters, their touching love confessions, ugh that crap made me yawn! The image of the character was not much better either, he looked like a romantic nerd, so in general i can say it is not my story! I think maybe couples would enjoy watching it, or some romantic silly girls who enjoy teddy bears and pink fluffy clothes.

Cecile @ 19-Jul-2014 06:56 Report a spam

Who could have thought that this movie that was so highly appreciated by everyone, and which was nominated for the Oscar award as the best movie of the year, would be such a boring one!
This movie tells the story about the nearest future, in which has a appeared a very serious equipment that can even be call an identity, and the main hero who could not deal with his parents divorce and he fells in love with this equipment. The subject line of the movie has interested me, due to the high rates of it, that is why i thought it would be a great movie, but quite soon, after it started i felt myself bored, and later i felt even more bored.
So if you do not want to waste two hours of your life while watching a sick person, who would keep complaining all the time about everything and was making up problems out of nothing. I recommend you to stay away from this masterpiece. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the high rating, and the famous actors that have performed in it, don’t repeat my mistakes.

Bianca @ 18-Jul-2014 07:01 Report a spam

The movie nominated for the Oscar award could not slept through my attention. the beginning of the movie is really enchanting. Since the first minute i understood that the movie is full of futurism and this futurism is very appealing to me. This movie is accompanied by very pleasant soundtracks, and the eyes are happy due to the variety of sunlight, and there are a lot of large plans in the movie, in general i can say that it was filmed very well. And the bright colors are adding even more charm to it! They make you be happy and sad at the same time. In the film there are a lot of eroic scenes, so for me it was very ncomfortable to watch it, with the aunt of my husband.By the end i felt a bit bored, as they stretched to much the general subject, and the end of movie has left me speechless, which is a very unusual thing for me. Later i found out that it won the Oscar award for the most unusual subject. I think it deserves being watched, but i would recomend to be ready that it might bring up a double impression.

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