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Here Comes the Boom
Genre: Comedy / Action
Director(s): Frank Coraci
Release Date: 12 October 2012
Movie rating: 6.4
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What is the movie Here Comes the Boom about?
From the title itself, there is no chance for anyone to guess what this movie is about. And there is absolutely no chance to assume which genre it is as well. Which makes it a lot more interesting, because you are already hooked up, but you don’t know it yet. First off this is an amazing comedy piece that is really worth of watching. Second of all, Frank Coraci, the director, made sure to have all the aces up his sleeve with one of the actors Kevin James participating in the story writing process. And third, his acting crew, that involves Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Greg Germann, and Henry Winkler, promises a lot. The main plot is telling a story about a biology teacher, Scott Voss (Kevin James), who is fighting to raise 48 000 dollars in order to keep everyone from the teachers, that are dealing with extracurricular activities. Otherwise, they will all be fired due to the fond cutbacks. Along the way, he uses his chance to hit on a pretty colleague of his, teacher Bella Flores (Salma Hayek). So, while everyone else backed out, he remained only one teacher fighting for the cause. And as he watches MMA fights with his friends one night, he gets a brilliant idea- to fight in MMA himself. The only problem is, he is fat and 42 years old. Can he make it? That’s the thing you’ll have to find out for yourselves and see how he inspired students to deal with their problems.
Here Comes the Boom Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Here Comes the Boom HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Here Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the BoomHere Comes the Boom
Eleonora @ 09-Jul-2014 23:08 Report a spam

Yesterday before going to sleep i watched the comedy “Here comes the boom” and stayed very happy about it! I can say that this kind of movie i call moral relaxation. Not because i want to sleep afterwards but because i do not feel tired after it, and i am resting from the morality point of view, that is why this movie was not irritating me, but gave me a lot of energie! After watching it and even during it, i wanted to do something considerable and outstanding! Of course i haven’t done anything like that, but i can say for sure that i borrowed a few good things from the movie which i already tried with my boyfriend! I loved all the actors, they did just great! Especially the bold coach, while looking at him i was feeling so positive, and of course Kevin James did just great, he has some special charm, that he uses all the time, and no matter what role he is performing he looks good, and at some point even attractive! And i could not walk by without mentioning the presence of the gorgeous beauty Salma Hayek in the movie!

Jeanene @ 09-Jul-2014 05:02 Report a spam

I think it is the best option of a movie which is good if watching with the family, or being surrounded by good friends. This movie is for people who enjoy laughing at jokes, if there is no horny hidden sense in them, or if there is nothing bad said, and no cursing. Also i enjoyed that there was not even a hint for black humor which is being present in all the recent comedies. Well i don’t even know what to start with. This movie is about good and honest.
The main character is a lazy and funny teacher of biology ( very funny one). Saying that he is a fat man would be a serious mistake, as he looks very healthy and acts like he is a teenager. There is a special thing about the movie which is the gorgeous Salma Hayek. So as usually it happens in life, magic happens and he becomes a hero. I watched this movie with my boyfriend, and we both loved it! At some moments we laughed till tears in our eyes and could not stop. I really advise watching this movie to people who had a bad day!

Yvette @ 08-Jul-2014 05:42 Report a spam

If someone would have asked me a year ago if i would watch the movie with a funny name “Here comes the boom” than my answer would certainly be “NO”. But my perception about this movie changed after i saw the trailer and realized that i don’t have that many options to watch something else. So imagine how surprised i was to realize that i loved this movie after watching it! I don’t like stupid humor, and don’t like movies that are copying the subject line of other movies. As well as i hate movies that are being filmed “just in case”. I think a good movie should be like a book, very inspiring and it should teach you something- to my surprise this movie is up to my criterias. The entire movie is filled with warmness, kindness and tending to something better in life, it makes you dream and follow your dreams no matter what and no matter whom, it teaches you to support your friends and help the people who needs you. I suggest this movie to parents who want to teach their children good things.

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