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Wiener Dog Nationals
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Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil
Genre: Animation / Comedy / Family
Director(s): Mike Disa
Release Date: 29 April 2011
Movie rating: 4.8
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What is the movie Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil about?
“Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil” represents a computer animated movie that is the sequel of the “Hoodwinked!” released in 2005. The Red gets through the course of the espionage training within a secret group “the Sisters of the Hood” and becomes a secret agent. The leader of the school sends Red right away on the hell mission. Her task is to investigate the mysterious vanishing of Hansel and Gretel and find the stolen recipe of the all-powerful truffles. Maybe alone Red was not able to fulfill her first mission, but her courageous Granny, Wolf and Twitchy are to help her and chew up everyone would whom Red would face on her way, even the Evil itself. The wicked witch Verushka is well-prepared and is ready to take her vengeance, being hurt in the past by Granny’s accomplishments. Hansel and Gretel also prove to be not the ones they seem at first sight…
Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. EvilHoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil
Tina @ 13-Jul-2014 18:31 Report a spam

I have a weird feeling of love and hate towards the modern style of filming the old and kind fairy
tales! As not in all the cases the end result is a decent one! But this cartoon for sure is not a bad option! Even though it doesn’t really look like a fairy tale! I cannot stay that i am excited about it, but at the same time i can definitely say i do not feel sorry for watching it!There is humor in it, and it is not bad at all! The subject line is good as well, and the colors of the cartoon are bright! And also i liked the fresh idea of a detective. I watched this cartoon quite awhile ago, but i still keep in my memory some characters! Like the cool grandma and the singing goat! If the question is whether to watch it or not, than my advice is to watch it, although everyone has a different taste! But this cartoon is for children not younger than twelve-fifteen otherwise it will not be very interesting to watch for the little ones!

Nata @ 13-Jul-2014 18:23 Report a spam

I think it is a wonderful cartoon! From the original fairy tale it got only the name and heroes, while the subject line is ninety percent different one! Though the first fifteen minutes i looked at it and thought that it is a usual childish crap, but later everything becomes clear and i want to watch it again and again! The voice of the Red Hood is also very interesting, as at the beginning it sounds a bit weird but later you get the idea that it is exactly the way it is supposed to be! The Grandma is simply awesome, she rocks! I loved the investigation and the original idea! And of course the singing goat was also great, it is a shame i didn’t got to see what would happen later in his life! So if making a conclusion, i can say that this cartoon has great humor! For a bit more than one hour i was laughing continuously, and the most important thing for me, is that it is equally interesting for me, my husband and our little children!

Susan @ 09-Jul-2014 03:10 Report a spam

Well honestly speaking it is not the best cartoon that i have ever seen in my life. And of course i cannot say it is a smart one. As well as it is not a very “deep” one. I like to feel some emotions while watching the cartoons, if i don’t feel anything that means i am bored and simply am wasting my precious time on it! But not everything is so sad as it looks like. The movie is stupid although it has a lot of humor in it. I can say that i laughed a lot which happens very rare while i watch cartoons. I can say that after watching i the movie will be a slight feeling of irritation due to the precious time wasted on this crap. Everything about it is stupid, the jokes, the music the way the characters look, and of course their dialogues. Not to mention that there is no point or sense in it. I think it would have been much better if the the producers would stay stick to the primary story of the red hood which deserves being filmed according to the original version!

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