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Hotel Rwanda
Genre: Drama / History / Thriller / War
Director(s): Terry George
Release Date: 11 September 2004
Movie rating: 8.1
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What is the movie Hotel Rwanda about?
Often called “The African Schindler’s List”, 2004 historical drama “Hotel Rwanda” is based on the true story of a Rwandan hotelier attempting to rescue fellow citizens threatened by the Rwandan genocide. Hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) finds himself in the middle of racial tensions between Hutu and Tutsi, two main ethnic groups in Rwanda. He is Hutu, and his wife is Tutsi, which is a big thorn in the eye of the local Hutu extremists. When racial tensions escalate and his neighbors start dying in the streets, Rusesabagina manages to bribe the local authorities to ensure the safety of his family. However, when the tensions escalate into a full fledged civil war he moves his family into the hotel he manages. The hotel is soon crowded with over a thousand Rwandan refugees, and Rusesabagina struggles with the increasing responsibilities of not only taking care of his family, but of all the refugees staying at the hotel. With the UN peacekeeping forces unable to intervene, he scrambles to find a way to get his family and the refugees to safety. When a UN plan to evacuate the refugees fails, Rusesabagina makes a desperate attempt to plea with the Rwandan general in charge. When the general is threatened with being tried for war crimes he finally buckles and lets the refugee flee to the safety behind the rebel Tutsi lines. In the written epilogue we find out that Rusesabagina and his family now live in Belgium, and that he is responsible for sawing over a thousand lives of Rwandan refugees.
Hotel Rwanda Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Hotel Rwanda HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Hotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel RwandaHotel Rwanda
Sky @ 31-Jul-2014 12:22 Report a spam

This movie is very strong and it is very difficult to watch it! When i watched it i could not believe that something like this is possible in our times! But to be honest after watching it i realized many things, that in reality everything is possible!The wonderful landscapes of Africa that are shown in the movie are suddenly changed by the bloody and cruel scenes. Arrogance and vicious mind become the main qualities that start leading the person and bring it to cruel actions and violence! People who yesterday were friends to each other, or at least not enemies to each other due to the cruel jokes of the fate start killing each other according to the racism principle. This movie made me think about a lot of things, and no matter the fact it is finished on somehow positive moment, still the feeling after watching it was very hard! How can people act like this with their own kind?! For me it is hard to believe that people can be that cruel, i think even animals in the wild nature are kinder towards each other!

Alex @ 31-Jul-2014 07:58 Report a spam

The conflicts that arise from time to time in the world really amaze me with their cruelty. Because killing millions of people in a few months only due to the fact that there is a share difference between one nation and another seems like a crazy thing for me! And currently i think only in such countries as Africa the genocide is a normal event. On the background of cruel war i was amazed how brave was one specific person who tried to save at least a part of people, maybe one thousand of people is nothing if comparing it to millions of killed ones, but for me it is a serious amount of people, as there is nothing more valuable in this world than a human being. this movie is based on true events that happened in Rwanda in 1994. A person who saved those people is the owner of a hotel, and its role was performed by Don Cheadle. He was the only person who was not afraid to help fugitives, and hid them. He saved him with a threat of his own life and life of this family. I think it is a story about a great man, about a hero!

Charlie @ 30-Jul-2014 22:09 Report a spam

At some point of my life i decided to watch only movies that were honored with a variety of awards probably because i was sick of crap movies. This movie i decided to see because it was the triple nominee for the Golden Globe award in 2005. I can that i feel very sorry for the fact that it didn’t got even one of those awards. It reminded me very much of the movie “Schindler's list”. It is a difficult to watch movie which is based on real events of the middle nineties, when there was made a huge bloody mess in Rwanda. The Main hero who was the director in a hotel was hiding in it more than one thousand of people, and this way he saved their lives. In this movie was shown a lot of cruelty, but it is not a sea of blood, it is simply a nightmare reality that was happening in our time. All the movie i spent crying because i was not aware what is going on on the other edge of the world. And because i felt sorry for those people who suffered because of the genocide. I think it is worth watching this kind of movies in order to understand that we all are equal and should not be divided according to the nation or skin color.

Spencer @ 21-Jul-2014 16:02 Report a spam

I have no words. Another movie based on a true story. The story worths the ticket and I never expect the great Cheadle's performance. This is what makes the movie so good. Honestly I didn't liked the directing. So flat, almost like a TV drama. I truely will never understand human race in situations like the one described in Rwanda. That's the paradox. An amazing human story about inhuman acts.

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