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House of the Rising Sun
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Brian Miller
Release Date: 19 July 2011
Movie rating: 4.4
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What is the movie House of the Rising Sun about?
An ex-policeman, Ray (Dave Bautista) starts his life with the blank list, staying away from the troubles. He works as a security guard in one of the night clubs. One night, on Ray’s watch the night club is robbed and the son of the owner is killed on Ray’s eyes. Ray’s criminal past makes him the main suspect. So, he starts looking for a guilty criminal to clear his reputation. His search is complicated as he finds himself between the two fires: gangsters and cops, who are both chasing him…
House of the Rising Sun Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any House of the Rising Sun HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
House of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising SunHouse of the Rising Sun
Bree @ 27-Jun-2014 21:19 Report a spam

Well , i think this is exactly the type of movie, in which everything is bad, starting with plot and finishing with the soundtrack to the movie. The music was boring and a bit “soapy”. I can say that i certainly have wasted my time while watching the movie. The operator sucked as well, so if saying in one word this movie is a total disappointment for me.The subject line in the movie is not interesting as it simply doesn’t exist. i hope people will not pay too much attention to this “masterpiece” and especially will not buy the CD as i did, because it is a waste of time and money for crap. After watching it i even felt myself stupid for spending my time on watching it.

Lily @ 25-Jun-2014 11:14 Report a spam

When i was buying this movie into my home collection i should say that i expected much more from it. Not something supernatural or unusual, but simply something different. Today i finally had time in order to see this movie and i can say that i didn’t like at all “the house of the rising sun”, it doesn’t have any subject line, everything about this movie is boring and senseless. I am trying to remember now whether it was at least one interesting moment for me in the movie, and i realize that it wasn’t. The main disadvantage of this movie, is of course the bad acting of the main actors, and of course the main character Dave Batista, who was so awful, that i can hardly imagine someone performing even worse than he. Dave could not show all the feelings and emotions which his character had to feel, and by means of that he made that character not interesting completely, and not being a well remembered hero, he really disappointed me, i think he should look for another profession.

Dina @ 11-Jun-2014 15:13 Report a spam

Avoid this movie, as you will regret 80 minutes of your life wasted!!! The biggest issue with this film is the script as it is awkward, ‘cheap’ dialogue and played by mediocre actors. All this has resulted into something that was really painful watching! You never will hear people talking this way in real life! The story line is completely predictable! The movie has some good music in it and the camera work and film production is ok. The film looks and sounds great, while it is just a well-polished mess.

Mary @ 10-Jun-2014 02:20 Report a spam

Hmm, in this movie we see Danny Trejo and Amy Smart, they both are present. Dave Batista is being very colorful as well, but something about this movie has went wrong, right from the beginning. Batista looked very scary, and according to the scenario he is an ex police officer, the weird thing for me, was the fact that everyone is beating him shamelessly. The plot is being twisted very hard and long, while the final of the movie was even worse, i don’t understand how such an end of the movie can ever satisfy its viewer? It is awkwardness turned against other awkwardness. There are so many stupid things gathered in one movie, that it takes me too long to describe that, i think it is something that is supposed to be seen simply, or if being precise it is better not to see it all. Or if you desperately need to sleep you can bravely turn it on and it will help you falling asleep just like a little baby.

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