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I, Frankenstein
Genre: Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Director(s): Stuart Beattie
Release Date: 24 January 2014
Movie rating: 5.1
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What is the movie I, Frankenstein about?
There isn't a person on the Earth who hasn't heard of Frankenstein, tho some might think that the name of the monster is Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a novel which tells a tale of a scientist who reanimates the dead. I Frankenstein is a supernatural action movie which follows the book pretty well and explains some things. Actually, the movie starts there the book by Mary Shelley ends. The year is 1795, the end of the 18th century. Frankenstein's creation buries him in the ground and suddenly he is attacked by demons and gets rescued by gargoyles. He is taken to the gargoyle leader and given a name Adam. He is offered to join the gargoyles in their struggle against the demons, he doesn't accept it and goes on to live alone for 200 years. Later on he is in the present times and the demons are trying to get him again in order to find the secret of bringing back the dead to life. The story is pretty refreshing and original, finally we get to see something other than vampires and werewolves. CGI is pretty decent, the only problem is the Frankenstein's monster who doesn't look like a creature created from many different body parts, but more like a handsome man, but it ain't a big problem. Those who have enjoyed the other Frankenstein movies could give this one a try and find out what happens after the events in the book.
I, Frankenstein Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any I, Frankenstein HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
I, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, FrankensteinI, Frankenstein
Al @ 02-Aug-2014 13:54 Report a spam

An explosively original and tremendously thrilling action epic. It's slickly paced and well-crafted. An awesome and spectacular action-packed thrill-machine that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A guilty pleasure on any level. It's filled with fantastic special effects and creature designs, bad-ass action sequences and a great story. A total blast from start to finish. Aaron Eckhart is freakishly cool giving a solid and fun action hero performance. Bill Nighy succeeds once again as the dark prince of evil.

Happy @ 16-Jul-2014 22:35 Report a spam

This movie is amazing! It was created especially for the admirers of fantasy genre, or of movies like “Constantin”. The characters were not described properly in my point of view. I think it would be hard to watch it at home on regular TV, as i felt quite bored even watching it at the cinema. The plot is a bit boring, and doesn’t look like a detective story at all. The only thing i was attracted with in the movie, were the special effects. All the time something was exploding or burning something, i think that was fun :))
As about the subject, meeh. I think the theme was not very deep and interesting, maybe it is because it was not revealed properly! I was waiting for some deeper dialogues, with at least some sense. And phrases of the kind, boss we have a problem, were simply killing me! Even at the end of the movie there was no hint on morality, and the creators of the movie were not even offering to the viewers the chance to think about the things they so. It is just a fact that Frankenstein for some reason is fighting with the demons so the humankind can sleep well at nights.

Aurelia @ 16-Jul-2014 00:06 Report a spam

As usually a sudden idea has come to my mind “Why not going to cinema today with my husband after work?” We did not have time to read reviews that is why we picked something without thinking too much, as the choice was not too big. We didn’t watch fantasy movie for a long time, that is why “I Frankenstein” looked like an option. This movie has started very interesting and intriguing. But later everything has happen very fast and banal. After watching this movie for only half an hour i already had the idea how it will finish. And i often was catching myself on the thought that it is not interesting for me when and how it will finish. The movie was dark, everywhere was humidity and dirt. I think the movie creators could have think of a better subject. I didn’t like the choice of actors. The princess of goodness looks more like a snow queen, the actress was really bad. Frankenstein was a bit better, but still it was hard to understand how he turned from a mean killer with no mercy into a kind defender of Universe.
I don’t recommend it for watching even one time.

Lina @ 14-Jul-2014 22:19 Report a spam

I was “bought” by the advertising to this movie, by the epic choice of characters, it looked very nice and great, that is why i decided to see this movie as soon as it was released at the cinema! I was “spilling” pretty much afterwards. I cannot say that i have ever seen a more banal subject line! The lonely monster who fall in love and save an ordinary woman and of course, the bunch of evil demons and enemies who were trying to harm them. There were a lot of special effects and tons of makeup on the actors. The thing i didn’t like at all was the bunch of fights in the movie, too much in my opinion. No matter how hard i tried i still was not able to succeed finding any sense in this movie, it is simply a regular warrior with only difference that he was gathered from pieces and was hit by huge electricity volume. I would advise this movie only to people who are admirers of a banal and great action- but honestly speaking i didn't liked anything about it at all! It was a terrible waste of my time!

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