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God Help the Girl
Released: 2014-07-01
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I Hate You, Dad
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Sean Anders
Release Date: 15 June 2012
Movie rating: 5.5
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What is the movie I Hate You, Dad about?
“I Hate You Dad” represents a comedy movie, the release date of which is set on the 15th of June, 2012. The move covers the story of a disagreeable father (the leading role of Adam Sandler), who is having problems with his son, fathered by him long ago. In his burning desire to reestablish parental connection with his son, the man takes a decision to visit him, after a long break. His unexpected visit falls on the eve of his son’s impending marriage, but things don’t turn easy and positively for any of them, as it was previously expected. Adam Sandler’s character gets into a constant feuding with his future daughter-in-law…
I Hate You, Dad Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any I Hate You, Dad HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
I Hate You, DadI Hate You, DadI Hate You, DadI Hate You, DadI Hate You, Dad
Amelie Mims @ 03-Aug-2014 21:12 Report a spam

This is a hilarious movie ever! I wish I had such a dad and I am not kidding. Dude, he is just so cool! That’s my dad! LOL. This is a great time spending for n evening with your family or friends, just make sure there are no youngsters there. I lied the film a lot and Adam Sandler is perfect in playing goofy parent. Still the movie has a great positive topic on family ties and reunion after a long break no matter how good or bad your father or son is. This is what gives this film a high rate besides being ridiculously hilarious.

Mark @ 20-Jul-2014 00:00 Report a spam

I saw this movie at the cinema with my friend, we had to “kill” a few hours, that is why we decided to come and see this movie, and we never regretted! Adam Sandler itself is a very pleasant character, and watching him is already fun, while watching him in the main role, mm i loved the movie. Yeah, yeah right, there were a lot of vulgar jokes in it, and so what? Although it was a bit vulgar at the same time it was very cute. There was underlined the very common problem for this time, problem of children with their parents, and lack of understanding in the family.
During all the movie the whole hall of the cinema were laughing out hard, and that is why neither me, nor my friend noticed how those two hours have flew away! And after that movie was left only the great mood, and a few “imported” from it jokes, i can easily say that my mind and head have had a very good rest! In general i can say that this is the type of movie that is supposed to be watched with friends! For children it is a bit too early to watch something like this!

Melinda @ 18-Jul-2014 22:03 Report a spam

I read many bad reviews about this movie, but still decided to see it. And after i saw it i was surprised. I can easily say that i enjoyed the movie, yeah there are a lot of vulgar jokes, in it, so what? Are you all grandmas here?! Yes there are scenes not for children, so what, don’t watch this movie with your kids, watch it with your wife! And if people who are so negative would read the description to the movie they would notice that there was a warning about vulgar jokes and age restriction, so what the hell?! If you are against jokes, than why watching comedy movies?! I am not a fan of this kind of movies as well, but still i had a lot of fun when i went there and saw it. Yeah the plot is a bit too complex, but the jokes are easy and fun/. If you don’t want to watch something like this than you are more than welcome to watch Discovery channel! You can of course right me back with your opinions about me, but i am just being honest here, so stop acting like forty years old virgins and allow yourself laughing at funny and essential things!

Annie @ 17-Jul-2014 23:57 Report a spam

I was planning to go to the cinema with my sister to see a movie with Adam Sandler for awhile, as usually we both love all the movies in which he performs! We didn’t even read the description to the movie. And it was our mistake! I was really surprised to see that it was written the prohibition for children younger than 16. This way right from the beginning of the movie i realized why it was written than, it is because the movie is full of vulgar jokes! Every second word in it was about penis and so on. Beside that there were other pervert scenes in the movie. I was grateful for the fact i haven’t seen anyone sleeping with the animals in it! I can say that i was very disappointed, i am eighteen, not that much but quite ok, while my sister is only fourteen, and it was a real shock for her! I am very categoric about the fact that parents should not show it to their children! In fact on their place i would double think before watching it myself, and wasting time on it!

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