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IMDb - The Help
Director(s): Tate Taylor
Release Date: 10 August 2011
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie IMDb - The Help about?
The movie “The Help” is filmed on the basis of the homonymous best selling novel by Kathryn Stokket. The events of the movie unfold in 1960s, somewhere in Sothern America. Skeeter, who just has graduated from the university, comes back to the small town, Jackson, where nothing happens. She dreams of becoming a writer and see the big world. But the descent lady from the South doesn’t need to enjoy herself with the foolish illusions, she needs to get married and take care of the house. A wise Aibileen is 30 years older than Skeeter, she serves in the houses of white people all her life long, has grown up seventeen kids and doesn’t wait anything from life for a long time as her heart is broken with her only son’s death. This is a story about what can happen when three ladies of different age and different social status have become friends and break the unpublished set of the rules of one of the Mississippi towns. Everything starts when Skeeter decides to interview the black women about their work and life in the families of white people. The first to open up is her best friend Aibileen… then more women come to tell their stories and they have a lot to tell…
IMDb - The Help Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any IMDb - The Help HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
IMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The HelpIMDb - The Help
Paola @ 02-Aug-2014 11:19 Report a spam

I think that this movie was mostly made for women. In this movie is shown how the black people are serving in the houses of white people. And it is clearly shown the situation that it was a great racism, and black people didn’t had right to do anything that white people did, they could not even use the public bathroom, there was a made a special toilet for them. They could not bring even a cup of tea to their master in their hands, they had to put it in front of him.
Everything was that terrible until the moment when the town was visited by a young woman with a lot of initiatives, who dreamed of becoming a reporter, and with her arrival the town became more vivid. Despite the serious subject brought in this movie, i can say that it is a very light one. The organic jokes, and pleasant music together with great performance of the actors, all of those things have made this movie so special! There were very joyful moments, and scenes that made me very sad. I can say that it is a very kind and nice movie, which is very serious at the same time, as it is filled with the spirit of old times!

Kaarle @ 02-Aug-2014 01:59 Report a spam

It is a perfect movie for the Oscar award for the tolerant people who are able to empathize, and also for the fans of the movie “Driver for miss Daisy”. It is not a tensed atmosphere (it is amazing how clear are shown the times of the events), without blood cruelty, and the most important thing it was made with perfect performance of the actors! The last time i saw that many stunning actresses was in the movie “Eight women”. The actresses have shown a great performance and they looked very natural in every single emotion that they were showing! I am sure this movie has got a variety of awards afterwards.
The subject line is pretty easy, there are no unexpected twists, and it is very obvious how everything will end. It is a pity that it wasn’t shown the violent scene with the maid as it could make this movie even more dramatic! But anyway it made me worry, and in some moments even cry! You need to watch this movie definitely as it will provide you with a lot of emotions!

Leila @ 01-Aug-2014 03:23 Report a spam

Wow, finally it is the first time during a big period of time than a movie has made me think about life, and it not simply showed the reality through pink glasses (though sometimes it is a big need to watch this kind of movies as well in order to rest from the bad reality). I think every person has studied history so there is no need to explain what racism means or ku klux klan, as it happened only by the end of sixties mostly, though sometimes it happens in our time as well. This movie has made me cry, not a few tears, but really crying! All the time during watching it i could not stop myself from crying, as i felt sorry for those people! This movie has showed me what it means trusting people, what it means having the right to choose, and what freedom itself means. I even smiled once through my tears when i realized how good is everything in my life. I think it is a perfect movie in order to teach everyone what humanity means! I hope it will help us become better.

Dylan @ 19-Jul-2014 20:09 Report a spam

This is an excellent film, and, for the first time in a long while, I became so engrossed in the story that I forgot I was in the theatre! It’s a gripping film with a good message. I agree that it deserves a better than average rating. Although there is some swearing, there is a spiritual element to the film, and when one of the characters tries to get even with her unfair employer, later she asks God for forgiveness.
I don’t like how there are two brief mentions of Jesus” name in vain, at the beginning, as well as a few OMG’s. However, the characters are very moral, and the servants attend church. There is no pre-martial sex, but one character mentions she got married because she was pregnant. There is a reference to homosexuality, when one character’s mother wonders if she likes men, as she can’t get a boyfriend (she isn’t).

Lilie @ 19-Jul-2014 20:04 Report a spam

My husband and I went to see this movie on its opening day. We really enjoyed the movie and felt that the writing, directing and acting were exceptionally well done. Although it showed some harsh realities of the past, it also showed the power of endurance, truth, and courage. The profanity was mild, and the violent scene(s) were done off-screen. The movie was entertaining, and had meaning and purpose, something you don’t see enough of from Hollywood.

Royce @ 07-Jun-2014 15:04 Report a spam

I found it helplessly tangled in who or what is the main topic, the story or the stars. Emma Stone in my opinion just played the role like every other role she did. Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis were good, but not Oscar good.

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