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What is the movie Joe about?
The movie is based on a bestselling novel by Larry Brown. The story centers on a local lumber foreman Joe. He appears to be an unlikeliest of role models, and yet he meets a 15-year-old boy and tries to help him. Joe is an ex-con and he sees this opportunity as redemption for his earlier sins. So he tries to rescue a teenager from an abusive alcoholic father, who sees violence as the only way of treating his child. At times the movie appears to be hard to watch and far from being enjoyable, but still it is a great story about help and understanding a grown up man can offer to a young boy. Harry Jones is the oldest child in a family of outcasts. Together Joe and Harry are trying to change their lives, find a better place for them in a small town situated in the state of Mississippi. Together they are willing to make a step forward and leave all the bad things behind them.
Joe Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Joe HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Lidia @ 27-Jun-2014 22:12 Report a spam

I watch practically all the movies with Nicholas Cage, as usually all the movies i saw were a really good ones, but now i should unfortunately admit that they are not that good anymore, his last good role, in a really good movie was probably a bit more than ten years ago. The movie "Joe" is probably the most low budget movie in his career, but once again in it he showed how good he can perform. The subject line of the movie is very simple, it doesn't have any unexpected subject turns or dynamic action scenes, but i really liked it, because it has shown how difficult life might be sometimes. All the people in the movie are regular people with their positive features of character, as well as with the skeletons in their closet. Joe has lived his life, and during it he saw many things, but still for some reason he doesn't understand what he is living for. As a result, i would say that i enjoyed watching this movie, as its subject line has really touched my heart.

Cordelia @ 27-Jun-2014 21:30 Report a spam

As usually Nicholas Cage has revealed his talent to everyone, and it is a bit funny how earsily he does that. The main hero Joe is living his life like he doesn't have any hope anymore, and i feel very sorry for him because he does that. He had a chance to built his life normally with a woman who wanted to created a family, but he wasted it, so now he drinks a lot, probably in order to feel the emptiness that he has in his heart, but it is still not helping. People say about him that he is a good person, probably he is good if he was able to ally with a homeless person and helped him. I guess this is exactly the moment in te movie when two persons have mutually helped each other, and that is a great thing, finally i saw at least some "bright light" by the end of the tunnel. For me this movie was very difficult to watch, because. It is depressive and i kept trying to find at least some bright spots that will give hope for the future, but unfortunately i was not able to, so i wouldn't advise anyone to waste the valuable time on the movie like this one.

Maya @ 25-Jun-2014 11:30 Report a spam

Cage is a very complex actor, and at the same time he is one of the greatest ones. His face expression is able to easily change, he can show pain or inside pressure, and all the time he looks very sincere. The hero of this movie is a man with a strong but difficult character. He survives ina depressive city and while doing that he helps the other people. He participates in a weird situation where he uses a dangerous defoliant, and even in that moment he manages to stay honest. He doesn't like jerks, but he still meets them, that is why he is suffering. He finds his peace in a bordel where he drinks a lot, and after that goes home. Joe gets very upset with people who are interfering him, usually he beats this kind of people or makes his dog biting them. Some of them he shoots in the name of goodness, and he does that. Well i wouldn't say that it is the best movie for watching it with family and kids, that is why i wouldn't advise to do that, it is a too difficult and full of depression one.

Jack @ 25-May-2014 17:14 Report a spam

Finally, a worthy Nicolas Cage performance.

Joe @ 25-May-2014 16:55 Report a spam

Leaves an aftertaste of toxic horror.

MaryAnn @ 25-May-2014 16:54 Report a spam

Finally Nicolas Cage gets away from his shout, cartoony madmen, but it's hard to shake the sense that this was laboriously constructed around him as a showcase.

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