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Knights of Badassdom
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror
Director(s): Joe Lynch
Release Date: 21 January 2014
Movie rating: 5.6
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What is the movie Knights of Badassdom about?
Fantasy literature is extremely popular in certain circles. Usually people who are into this kind of literature are true dreamers. They don’t feel fit in actual reality, but instead of adjusting they totally immerse into the fantasy world of the books they read. In order to relive all their favourite fantasy scenarios roleplayers gather in the woods/fields and try to reenact them. The movie centers around three best friends who are dedicated live action roleplayers. They go to the woods in order to reenact a dungeons and dragos-like scenario as a live action game. It is worth noting that they are pretty well prepared for that: Middle Age is going to be the setting of the game and all the three of the friends know history quite well. Somehow in the middle of the game they manage to conjure up an evil demon – a blood-lusting succubus right from the pits of hell. They have to deal with the troubles that they caused, and somehow tame the evil succubus.
Knights of Badassdom Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Knights of Badassdom HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Knights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of BadassdomKnights of Badassdom
Elaine @ 12-Jul-2014 05:19 Report a spam

I think people who enjoy this kind of special action comedy movies, i have no idea to which category it belongs more, would definitely love to see it. I am sure that they will get a lot of pleasure from watching it! I wouldn’t expect something unusual from the movie if i were them, it is a movie for people who do not want to think too much but enjoy giggling! The music in the end of the movie, which is by the way performed by one of the main characters is simply amazing! Guys i wish you all to enjoy it and have fun, it helped me to relax after a long working week!

Carmen @ 12-Jul-2014 04:15 Report a spam

This movie is a row of silly deaths, followed by black humor! In general this movie interested me mostly with its tematics, because not every year are released movies with role playing of the main heros. Also i liked the actors who have performed in it. I like Summer Glow, Jimmy Simpson, and Ryan Kwanten, all of them performed in a row of my favorite TV shows!And i can say that all of them did pretty good, of course lack of budgeting is pretty obvious, but due to the professionalism of the main characters, it didn’t affect the movie too much. Everyone did just great! Also i should admit that not everyone will like this movie, because sense of humor in it, is quite different, as well as the tematics is aimed for amateurs,or for people who are welcoming the trash genre.Guys do not expect anything unusual from the movie, and this is the only way you will get pleasantly surprised by it.

Barbara @ 09-Jul-2014 00:16 Report a spam

Well first of all i should say that this movie is a trash, it is in the trash genre if be more correct about it. I can say that the creators of it were not very concerned with such things as the integrity of the movie.So they decided to make the general rate on actors, dialogues and the sub culture. So this is probably the best description of the movie. There are a lot of cult actors in it. It looks like fantasy, but at the same time it is easy to understand the main heroes. Some humor was added to it, so it made it a bit more interesting. from one side there are a lot of stereotypes which usually are linked with people who like this kind of time spending. I can definitely say that this movie doesn’t desert even ten minutes of time spent on it, so i wouldn’t recommend watching it, it is enough that i wasted my time on it already!

Stewart @ 25-May-2014 17:13 Report a spam

Good stupid fun!!!)))

Al @ 25-May-2014 16:56 Report a spam

I was rather disappointed, It felt a little too overused in its themes and did not have enough fun with its material, even thow the cast looked like they had a great time

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