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Largo Winch (Tome 2)
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller
Director(s): Jérôme Salle
Release Date: 15 February 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Largo Winch (Tome 2) about?
After his adoptive father is killed, Largo Winch becomes the president of the group of companies the ‘W Group’. However, the role of the huge company administrator is not for Largo. He announces about selling the ‘W Group’ and his desire to create Humanitarian Fund with his father’s old friend at the head. But the day the agreement is to be signed, Largo is accused of funding the Burmese General Kyaw Min’s regime and crimes against humanity. In order to find who stands beyond the framed-up accusation, Largo Winch leaves to Burma, where he meets his ex beloved Malunai, who will help him to expose the conspiracy…
Largo Winch (Tome 2) Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Largo Winch (Tome 2) HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)Largo Winch (Tome 2)
Rachelle @ 11-Jul-2014 02:46 Report a spam

I was the person who was waiting for this movie to continue most of all probably, because i simply fell in love with the beautiful billionaire Largo Winch! Ad i was not disappointed not even for a little bit, as the subject of the plot became even better than in its first part! He is being helped by an amazing butler whose sense of humor was unique! He really is funny and scenes with him were making the entire cinema laugh! In general i can say that all the actors did a great job, so the quality of the movie is simply great! Sharon Stone was awesome while performing the role of a bitchy but very confident woman, i can say that this is exactly the role that suits her most of all! In some moments i was even holding my breath while watching it, which i believe is already a very good sign! I think it has more quality than the majority of Hollywood movies of the same genre!When the movie finished i got the thought that i would like to see it further. I hope there will be the third part!

Carly @ 09-Jul-2014 09:12 Report a spam

The second movie about the ungrateful billionaire, who has only one problem, the company of his father. Largo Winch is the modern Robin Hood who doesn’t need money, and he doesn’t really care who is your father. On this life only the ability to stand for yourself helps, and it helps preventing the events, at least to be smart. As the person who doesn’t have enemies worths nothing! The performance of the actors is simply amazing. Tomer Sisley was pretty good, and Sharon Stone performed a role of a almost good prosecutor, till the end of the movie i waited for some surprise from her, but never got it unfortunately! This movie drives crazy, from the beginning and till the end it is overfilled with scenes that make you tremble and stay focused. Here there is a bit of everything, of love and hate, and even parachute jumping. I think this movie deserves being seen at least for Sharon Stone’s sake.

Megan @ 08-Jul-2014 10:01 Report a spam

The endless turnovers of the subject line, its unpredictability of what will happen next, those are the main tools of this movie. At the beginning i tried to keep in my mind the names of various managers and prosecutors but closer to the end i realized it is not important, what it important is the role they played in this unpredictability. If the first part was simply an interesting action movie with a political touch, than the second one has become a real manual for creating conspiracy. I started respecting the conspirators no matter who they were, i can certainly say they were genius. The heroes were surprising with the diversity of their characters maybe a bit sample, but still it were too many of them in order to pay attention to it. It was hard to understand who is the good guy and who is the bad one. The performance of the actors was perfect, the actors were able to make their heroes look real, as about special effects there is no need to even talk about them as they were on a very high level, besides the most important thing is still the plot.

Vail Mckeon @ 30-Jun-2014 15:05 Report a spam

Fortunately for the company, Largo turns out to be a formidable knife fighter in the corporate sense; fortunately for this sleek, empty thriller, he turns out to be a formidable knife fighter in the street sense too.

Margo @ 13-Jun-2014 23:55 Report a spam

I have watched “Largo Winch 1”many times as I was taken in by the way the story has been told. It is very different to the way Hollywood tells a story. I looked forward for more of this kind and expected something similar with “Largo Winch 2”, but I was wrong. Whilst the first installment was fresh and had new ideas this sequel had nothing new to it. To the contrary, it just followed mainstream and Zeitgeit. Which is perhaps annoying, but bearable, especially, when your in the same mindset. But more serious is when the acting is bad, the dialogs sound wrong and the story simply is bad. And that is here the case. I can not recommend this to anybody.

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