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Lone Survivor
Genre: Action / Biography / Drama / Thriller / War
Director(s): Peter Berg
Release Date: 10 January 2014
Movie rating: 7.5
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What is the movie Lone Survivor about?
Lone Survivor is a biography drama with elements of action which tells the story of Marcus Luttrell who is a Navy SEAL. Marcus and his team set out on a mission to capture or to kill a notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Soon upon entering the country they are discovered and they have to fight a much bigger force than they are. They manage to contact the military base and a helicopter is sent, but the chopper is shot down and with it their hope of rescue dies. Soon enough the only survivor is Marcus Luttrell who is saved by a local Afghan man and this is where his story begins. The movie is based on the real life Operation Red Wings which had happened in the year 2005. The movie is ripe with accurate details of how the SEALs operate and that is a big plus for all of the military buffs out there. Another good thing about the movie is that it isn't littered with propaganda, we have had plenty of it and it is refreshing to see an army movie without it. Lone Survivor is action packed, it is one non-stop brutal war scene. There are plenty of slow motion shots as well as close-ups of kills. Cinematography is amazing and it really brings the audience closer to the battlefield. Lone Survivor is an excellent action flicked and anyone who enjoys a good action movie is advised to check it out.
Lone Survivor Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Lone Survivor HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Lone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone Survivor
Ivy @ 17-Jul-2014 02:35 Report a spam

After reading a bunch of reviews and watching the trailer i decided to make a surprise to my boyfriend and bought the tickets for us to go and see it at the cinema. This movie is a story about an operation that happened in Afghanistan with SEAL soldiers in 2005. It is a real action movie with huge quantity of shooting and blood, and arms. But the most important for me was the story of the movie. I am one of those people who are crazy about movies based on true events. And i read that this operation was one of the most disastrous in the history of US army. But still miracles do happen, and i am happy that at least one of those brave heroes has managed to stay alive! As a conclusion i can say that it is a great movie, but most likely for a few times to watch, as the real story is much more complex and tragic. This movie is a story about real men who are ready to fight till the end, even if it will cost them their own life! At the end when all those pictures were shown i was crying like a child and couldn't get back to normal afterwards for a few days!

Heidi @ 16-Jul-2014 02:28 Report a spam

Before starting to write this review i would like to mention that even if i would want to ruin the impression from this movie i would not be able to do it, as there already was too much advertising of it, when it was shown at the cinema.This story is based on true events, it shows one of the most not successful operations that were made by the American army in Afghanistan in 2005. I liked this movie very much, it has well described characters, great battle scenes, honor, conscience, fatum and heroism.
It is easier probably to mention the things that this movie doesn’t have, i can say that it is a free of policy movie, there are no drugs in it, or despair. The heroes are questioning each other upon the matter why they are there, and how come they got into this trouble, they do not have time, and they did not know to what circumstances this deed will bring them. I was empathizing them, and was crying at the moments when they were dying, and i can easily say that even my soul hurt me after watching this movie!

John @ 14-Jul-2014 23:42 Report a spam

I started watching this movie without even having an idea what is it about! And i can say that it is captivating since the first minutes of it! You get the special a bit hard to understand atmosphere, and the great awaiting of something that is supposed to happen soon! And it really happens! I will not retell the content of the movie, but if in a few words there are four marines, who during a secret operation get into a trap in mountains located in Afghanistan. There of them are unfortunately dying, but one of them manages somehow to stay alive, but it cost him a lot of power and strength to do that! I was touched to tears by the titles of the movie, where there are shown the photos and videos of real guys who become the prototype for the movie! I looked at them and was not able to hold my tears! I really advise everyone to watch this great movie! But better on wide screen and in a great quality, the emotions after watching it would be granted!

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