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Love Birds
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director(s): Paul Murphy
Release Date: 24 February 2011
Movie rating: 6.0
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What is the movie Love Birds about?
Doug (Rhys Darby) lives a great life he enjoys. However, his life gets a new surprising turn when his girlfriend Susan (Faye Smythe) leaves him, telling his life was too small and she needed a change. Depressed and thinking life cannot get any worse; he finds an injured duck that cannot flight on the roof of his house. Doug feels responsibility for it, and by his friends’ piece of advice, he brings it to the veterinarian. He starts taking a good care of a duck, even taking baths with it. Soon his visits to the veterinarian, Holly (Sally Hawkins), become more frequent as he falls in love with her. Their relationship develops in a very interesting way and when things seem so easy, Susan returns to Doug. Now he needs to learn listening to the call of his heart and not be scared “to fly”…
Love Birds Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Love Birds HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Love BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove BirdsLove Birds
Roma @ 23-Jul-2014 00:04 Report a spam

It is a very touching, nice and romantic comedy, the subject of which was banal and simple, although the main character in it ( one of the main ones) was a duck, a duck around who there are a lot unpredictable and funny moments. And by the way this movie, according to the unusual things in it, is very much alike the movie “Mr. Poppers Penguins”, a comedy which is more for children than for their adult parents. This movie, has a unusual charm, and a deeper meaning, because in the first place it is a love story. And also there is a lot of humor in it.This movie is full of funny scenes and hilarious dialogues, that made me laugh out hard. And maybe those were not the world’s top actors, but i can surely say that their performance was a great one! As well as the music in the movie. During all the movie i heard some emotional and cult songs, and of course i was amazed by song by “Queen”!
This great, light and full of soul movie makes you have a good mood after watching it, and this is exactly my wish for all the people in the world!

Kenya @ 18-Jul-2014 22:25 Report a spam

If you seek for a movie that would be right for your entire family, than this is it! You found it! Although there is a standard development of the events at the beginning of the movie, and there are unusual things in the middle, by the end of the movie there is a logical end! But i do advise watching this movie with the children! It is very well demonstrated love towards the nature. The human can and might live in a good correlation with the animals, but doesn’t want that all the time! This movie is interesting, sweet, with kind humor and pleasant actors! Children would not get bored of it for sure, and their adult parents won’t do it as well for sure! While watching this movie, i felt compassion, joy, sadness and probably a little bit of envy, but in the best possible meaning of this word! Because it is very great when animal becomes a real friend for you! Well in general i can say that everyone should watch this great movie, i am sure it will increase your mood for the rest of the day!

Mel @ 18-Jul-2014 00:15 Report a spam

Dallas Gordon is the main hero of the movie- he is the sweetest and kindest person ever. He has great friends a woman he loves, not the best job and the girl who he loves very much but who doesn’t really ;like his lifestyle, and the fact that he still lives in a old house of his parents, and the fact that having a great diploma he does the work that sucks. So according to her point of view his life is grey and pointless. So after two years of living together and seeing that nothing changes she leaves him for Doug who was thinking all the time that they are a perfect couple. Well it is a very tangled story one of the kind that could have happened only in a ,movie, but still it is a very touching one, there were scenes in the movie when i was crying and very worried for the main heroes, but to my great happiness they were finding a way out from any trouble. I recommend this movie to people who are suffering because of love, i am sure it will give them a lot of strength and desire to carry on!

Jessica @ 10-Jun-2014 16:46 Report a spam

The film is just interesting and exciting! I love you Doug!)))

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