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Madagascar 3
Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family
Director(s): Eric Darnell
Release Date: 08 June 2012
Movie rating: 6.8
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What is the movie Madagascar 3 about?
The company of the best friends-animals, consisting of the Zebra Marty (voiced by Chris Rock), the Hippo Gloria (Jada Pinkett), the Giraffe Melman (David Schwimmer) and the Lion Alex (Ben Stiller) are still trying to come back to their native zoo in New York City. This time, their way lies through the Europe, where four friends are lucky to join the traveling circus. Here our heroes will meet new friends, and maybe a cherished road home. Maurice, Mort, King Julien XIII and the penguins are present in this fascinating adventure. A new villain Frances McDormand – an animal control officer appears in the story. New personages in the story are: the Italian Sea-lion, the Russian Tiger and the Latin Jaguar, though their ethnic characteristics can be changed.
Madagascar 3 Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Madagascar 3 HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3Madagascar 3
Geraldine Trevisani @ 03-Aug-2014 21:18 Report a spam

The story was awful. The laughs came few and far between and weren't all that funny. The only thing I enjoyed was Martin Short's Stefano. It felt like a vehicle for a video game more than anything and a lazy 3rd 'people will go see it whether it's good or not' cash in.

Letty @ 17-Jul-2014 04:51 Report a spam

I love cartoons, so eventually i was very happy as soon as each part of Madagascar has been released. I think it doesn't matter what age you have in order to be able to enjoy cartoons, it all depends on character and nature of the person! This cartoon is awesome in every tiny single thing, the only "but" that i find about it, is that i wouldn't suggest it to children who are small because there are too many jokes in it, that would be too rude for them, and they will not be able to get the proper meaning! Starting from ten years old, it will already become easy to understand for children. Some phrases from this cartoon i am using on a daily basis, and cannot live without them, and each time i hear some of them outside it makes me smile. I wish there were more kind cartoons of this kind, the world would have been much better! And by the way, although all of its parts are very colorful,this third part would simply amaze with the variety of its colours and great adventures.

Felicity @ 16-Jul-2014 03:59 Report a spam

I love cartoons although i am far away from the age when people are watching them. But frankly speaking i don’t really care. Madagascar is the cartoon that is associated with childhood in my mind. And it is trues, because a lot of time has passed since the first part of it has been released. The drawings of the main heroes have changed a bit, but not that significant. The other great thing is there are some new heroes that appeared!
But nevertheless i can easily say that my favorite character is king Julian he is so cool and always makes me laugh, i cannot describe how cool he is, especially in those times when he is saying something about his crown and how great it looks. I really like it! I would love to have such a friend in my life, because although he is selfish, he is soo much fun, and sometimes i feel a desperate need in such a fun person by my side!!! So i recommend it to all the parents, they should watch it with their kids, as it will make them closer to each other!

Meg @ 15-Jul-2014 01:40 Report a spam

I can say that i am one of those few people in the world who didn’t like the Madagascar cartoon right from the first cartoon. The psycho lion, the intrusive and ugly hippo, the marasmic giraffe, and crazy in a fun way zebra! Wow who could make up something like that?! The only thing that made me smile at least a little bit in it, was the Morty with his penguins. But after seeing those guys in a totally different cartoon which became pointless i realized that i stopped liking even them. The third part of Madagascar cannot be called in any different way than Afro Circus, because it was pretty obvious to me that the scenario writers stayed out of any possible ideas for too long that is why they made up something that has no sense at all! I don’t even know what to say about it, i was expecting that finally i will see something great in it, like all the surrounding me people but to my great dissapointed i found only a few funny moments in the cartoon, beside they were not funny, but funny due to the fact how silly they were. I think there are a variety of other cartoons that deserve attention much more than this one!

Talia Koehler @ 02-Jun-2014 19:47 Report a spam

I didn’t really like the third Madagascar; in fact this part have changed not only my perception of this part after seeing the trailer, but to the entire cartoon. How did it happen that the scenario writers had screwed everything up so much? Honestly speaking I have no idea, but I do know that they could do much better. In fact I do like the idea of the previous comment, where it was written that they can focus on the idea of finding second halves for the main characters, so they can live happily ever after, now that would be a interesting move, and it will keep its viewers in an anxious captivity, what can be better than that?

Laila @ 29-May-2014 19:03 Report a spam

It is another part of “Madagascar” which has amazed me again, each time when a new part of this cartoon is being released I go to the cinema with a trembling heart as from one side I desperately want to see the new part of the cartoon, and from the other side I am very much afraid that it will be a bad one and it will disappoint me. And each I see a new part of this cartoon I am pretty amazed with the fact that the cartoon is a great one. Even the penguins are awesome; love them, when they are making a new plan of almost conquering the world. But the most interesting thing is that all of its characters are interesting to the viewer, I cannot even say which character is my favorite one, as all of them are special. I hope in the future to see the forth part of Madagascar, maybe in the fourth part they all will find their love, and not only Melman and Gloria.

Alin Sykes @ 29-May-2014 02:38 Report a spam

Ha ha, when I remember about this cartoon, for some reason the first thing that comes to my mind is the operational system 7 for the iphones, as I remember a long time ago I saw a picture on the facebook that was showing “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” on one side of it, where was written IOS 6, and the “Madagascar 3” (the afro circus moment) with the prescription IOS 7, I think it is fun. But if being on a more serious note, I should say that it is one of my favorite cartoons, I would say even more, all of its parts are great ones, it is pretty obvious to me,that its producers have made a long and very qualitative job, and I wish there were some more cartoons of this kind, I guess this way I would have been much more proud of the cartoon industry.

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