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Make Your Move
Genre: Musical
Director(s): Duane Adler
Release Date: 18 April 2014
Movie rating: 5.6
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What is the movie Make Your Move about?
For some reason, movies about dancing are always a hit, well, most of them at least. It is no wonder to see so many movies related to dancing come out so often, but not all of them are worth the time. With that said, Make Your Move is definitely worth checking out, not only by those who enjoy dance themed movies but also by those who like good movies in general. Make Your Move tells a tale of Donny, a cocky kid from New York who loves to dance. He goes to New Orleans and unwittingly take a part in a criminal act and gets arrested and sent to jail. He gets out on parole and starts making a living by dancing his heart out on the streets. His parole officer warns him not to do it because the parole limits his movement and Donny dances where he is not supposed to go. Parole officer tells him to get a job, but the only job Donny finds worth doing is dancing. Donny goes to his brother Nicky who is an owner of a night club and learns that his brother had a falling out with his partner. Donny decides to visit his brother's partner's sister despite being told not to and thus the movie starts to move on. Acting is well done, music is brilliant and the romance part of the movie is sweet and able to touch the viewer's heart. This movie is recommended to anyone who enjoys dancing and to anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing flick.
Make Your Move Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Make Your Move HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Make Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your MoveMake Your Move
Severi @ 30-Jul-2014 22:54 Report a spam

I mostly liked the fact that there is a lot of sense in this movie. There are no usual battles in it or dance competitions. Of course there are events accompanied by dances, but not in a very big quantity. This movie is a very beautiful one! And the dances by Aya and Donnie were full of tenderness and were captivating! They were like one essence while dancing! And i loved Cas (Aya’s brother) and Nick (Donnie’s brother). It is a pity that guys fight and stopped being friends to each other. I especially loved the moment when Cas saw his sister dancing with Donnie their intimate touches and became very nervous about it. I do like when strong guys are showing how nervous they are about things that matter to them, they look so funny and cute in this kind of moments! Not to mention that he is also very handsome! So i listed a huge row of reasons to watch this movie! I am sure it has all the chances to become one of the favorite ones!

lila @ 30-Jul-2014 18:45 Report a spam

I remember how in the summer of 2013 i was desperately looking for this movie on various websites but i could not find it anywhere. And it was not even released in the cinema, but i saw the trailer for a too long time and was craving for this movie. And one day i simply forgot about it, till not a long time ago, and i cannot explain how happy i was when i saw it was finally available online ( of course the quality was not that good but at least the voicing was great). In that movie are described the events in Brooklyn, and as usually it is a “war” between boys. A long time ago Cas (Aya’s brother) and Nick ( Donnie’s brother) were best friends who together have opened a club “Static” in which they had a good business. But then something has went wrong and Cas left Nick in order to open a new club with Michael who loves Cas’s sister (and told him that she will perform in his club). And that is how the whole war has started. I liked this movie!

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