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Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Director(s): Josh C. Waller
Release Date: 21 March 2014
Movie rating: 4.7
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What is the movie McCanick about?
“McCanick” is a recent American crime drama film with some elements of mystery. It was directed by Josh C. Waller. It is worth noting that it’s the last film of Cory Monteith, who suddenly died in July 2013. Narration centers around Eugene McCanick, who is usually called simply Mack. He is an experienced detective who’s been working in this domain for a lot of years. His partner’s name is Floyd Intrator (Mike Vogel) and both of them are busy hunting down a young criminal called Simon Weeks (late Cory Monteith). The criminal under question has been just released from prison. Mack is a great hard nosed cop and he is determined to find Simon whatever it takes. The whole story is unique, but doesn’t abound in punches as most of crime dramas do. “McCanick” keeps the spectator tense and curious right up till the last minutes of the movie because it doesn’t give clear answers to a lot of questions. But at the end of the movie the puzzle is done and we learn all the things that were missing from the whole picture.
McCanick Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any McCanick HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Christine @ 24-Jul-2014 02:14 Report a spam

I think people who are expecting to see a criminal thriller have made a bad choice if they decided to watch McCanick. It is not that easy to get into this emotional drama, which as a result happened to be a very complex one. For me it was very hard to understand what was going on in the head of McCanick who easily tricked me and Wicks by his brutal image of a cop in a retiring age. I guess there are too many things in one person sometimes, things that are better undiscovered, otherwise if they get outside they might kill everything around. I suspect there will be not that many people who will enjoy this movie, as honestly speaking there is nothing impressing about it.

Lily @ 19-Jul-2014 06:29 Report a spam

David Morse has performed the role of a detective, who is in a emotional stress in a fabulous way! And till the end of the movie it is hard to understand what has made him so angry, that he fought Wicks. at that moment he looked lost and helpless. Cory Monteith has also performed a very difficult role, as he has showed very well the not ordinary character of his hero, For the actor by the way the role of Simon Wicks, has become the last one in his his life, as some time later after the movie has been released he was found dead in his hotel room, and as the coroner said, he died from heroin overdose. I felt very sorry for him, as he had a very bright future in front of him, which he lost due to the vicious attraction towards drugs, probably he was just not able to deal with some of his problems. And i am very sorry that there was no one by his side in order to pull him out of the vicious circle he was drowning in. Too bad, he was a great guy and a great person. I can only imagine how painful it was to his parents to find out those news.

Jred @ 18-Jul-2014 06:22 Report a spam

No matter the low ratings of this movie ( i can surely say that it was underestimated by the viewers), i definitely think that the scenario writer of this movie Daniel Noah has made a real great scenario, a very impressing one. And beside the fact it is a criminal drama, there also is a detective intrigue in it, and the drama is also real. The other thing is that this kind of soul suffering are usually are up to personalities on the festival of cinema, and here they are hiding the essence that is still finding its way out to the surface, and is good for the type of legendary cowboy hero- to the rough and tough police officer McCanick, whose nickname is Mac. So according to his words during the first year he shot more criminals than anyone else. And although he is a real dinosaur in his job, it is the time for him to retire. I liked this movie, but my opinion it is more of an action movie than of a drama. It is made according to the good old type of action movies which i loved so much in my childhood.

Kate @ 25-May-2014 16:49 Report a spam

This thriller very badly overestimates its ability to wring compelling drama from threadbare genre elements and an unsatisfying third act twist.

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