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Half of a Yellow Sun
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Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Director(s): Christopher Nolan
Release Date: 01 January 2000
Movie rating: 8.5
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What is the movie Memento about?
Guy Pearce, Carrie Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Mark Boone Junior, Russ Fega and many other great actors can be seen together in Memento. It is a movie from 2000, directed by Christopher Nolan and written by him and Jonathan Nolan. When your wife gets killed, you have to find the murderer. The problem might be that you are suffering from memory loss and you do not have many information. That is why you have to use the notes that yo have and weird tattoos in order to locate the murderer and realize who that might be. Leonard Shelby is the one with the short memory loss... He used to be an insurance claims investigator but now all he is thinking about is finding the murderer of his wife. It was not easy for him to deal with the problem, but since he is very strong, he dealt with it easily. He thinks that a man named John G, is the one who killed his wife and that is the name he has tattooed on his body. Teddy and Natalie are helping him find his wife's killer, but every time when he meets them, he has no idea who they are. When you put all this together, you get a great movie and that is one of the reasons why the ratings are so high for this masterpiece of Hollywood.
Memento Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Memento HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Kat @ 02-Aug-2014 03:15 Report a spam

I think it is one of the most interesting movies i have ever seen! As it is very interesting to see how everything will finish in the story! It is a bit stretched this movie, but i think that in more or less good limits. Most of all i was attracted to the fact that there were more questions than answers in it! I felt brainwashed as soon as i finished watching it! I swear that i have never seen a more twisted subject line! I think Christopher Nolan is the only person who is able to create this kind of movies! This movies was based on the story written by his brother. And its name is bringing some sort of allusion. Because the main hero always think about death! And the sense of life is only in the death of two people (his wife and “killer). there were a few moments that i didn’t understood. How come that even after losing his memory he thought he is manipulating people?! As the person with no memory can easily become a toy in someone’s hands. And it is so easy not to remember what really happened!

Timmy @ 01-Aug-2014 20:49 Report a spam

I watched this movie a long tim ago, but i still remember it ( it is a very rare case, because usually this kind of movies pass nearby me). And i remembered this movie mostly due to its name. It is a very interesting movie, the most interesting thing about it, that this movie goes from its end to the beginning! It means that right from the beginning of the movie i know who the killer is, and it is much more interesting this way. It is a new subject i have never seen movies like this one before! The wife of the main character has been killed, that is why he lost his memory. But once again, he remembers everything that was BEFORE his wife was killed, and after that he is not able to keep the new information in his brain. He is desperate to find the killer of his wife, and being aware of his disease he is writing down everything, as he knows that in 15 minutes he will not remember about it anymore. He makes tattoes with important dates, names and reminders, and makes pictures of everything he sees. Those are the hints he is giving to himself while looking for the killer!

Joanne @ 31-Jul-2014 22:29 Report a spam

This movie is about an unusual disease and about an unusual man. All the people in his condition are trying to live with their relatives and close people, or at least with people who keep them in their mind. But the main hero is not acting like this, he leaves somewhere and all the time meets new people and the most important thing he tells to everyone about his disease that puts him into a dangerous position. This movie is truly unique and tragic, because it is a story about a man who is being trapped from all the sides. The subject line is so twisted, that it was hard for me to remember of how everything has started. But nevertheless i can say that this movie truly deserves being watched, at least in order to get an idea about it, and to feel the atmosphere that was shown in it.
It is same as you feel what it feels like not to remember anything and to be confused about all the things that are happening around, to desperately wish changing everything. And to realize what is for.

Al @ 08-Jul-2014 12:07 Report a spam

A mind-blowing and electrifying thriller. A real classic. Stunning, breathtaking, mind-bending and exhilarating. It's stylish, witty, nail-biting, intoxicating and terrifically addictive. A great body of work. It works from all corners and pieces itself nicely. A masterpiece!

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