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Mr. Tamburine Man
Genre: Action / Drama
Director(s): Jim Kohlberg
Release Date: 20 January 2011
Movie rating: 7.5
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What is the movie Mr. Tamburine Man about?
In 1967 Gabriel Sawyer runs away from home as his father forbids him to go on “Grateful Dead” concert. Twenty years after, Henry Sawyer is shocked to find out his son, who escaped from home long ago, needs an operation on brain to remote a tumor. After the operation Gabriel is not able to form any new memories as the tumor damaged the part of the brain responsible for this. Gabriel is not able to distinguish between past, present and future and lives in the era of hippie music. Henry and his wife Helen try to form a bond with their son. Trying very hard and seeing no progress on Gabriel’s side, his father starts investigating the brain problems himself and finds a doctor, Diane, who is able to help his son. Diane is specializing with brain tumor patients and is using music in her therapy methods. She learns that Gabriel is able to communicate through the music of 60s, especially through the music of “Grateful Dead” band. Though Henry cannot stand this sort of music, he is exploring the world of Rock’n’Roll in order to save the relationship with his son, whom he had already lost once.
Mr. Tamburine Man Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Mr. Tamburine Man HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Mr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine ManMr. Tamburine Man
Letty @ 11-Jul-2014 02:02 Report a spam

This movie shows not only the relationship between generations, but it also shows how they are percepting the world that surrounds them, the politics of the country, and love towards the music. Henry is a person who loves rock’n’roll. Gabriel is a fan of hippie music, so it is pretty obvious that the movie “Music continues”- is a hymn to singers who showed the politics of the country on that time. I enjoyed every minute of this movie which is full of tenderness, has good actors and great subject line. It is shown very well how the son and father are getting closer to each other by means of music, and it is an amazing process to watch! During watching this movie i was very touched and cried a few times as i couldn’t keep my tears. This movie made me look at myself from different side! So i recommend it to people who seek for a movie with great sense!

Julie @ 09-Jul-2014 08:12 Report a spam

This is a good and kind movie that was based on true events, it is about the parents of a not young man, who find out that their son with who they did not communicate for a long time is in the hospital recovering after the brain surgery. During the operation a tumor has been removed, and now their son doesn’t remember anything, the amnesia is a very deep one. The father with who he has a big fight was acting like all the fathers who think they are right about everything. But the things that have happened to his son, make him change his mind, so after he loses his job he dedicates all of his time to the main hobby of his son- music. Music with the help of which he gets his memory back, as he remembers everything and every person according to the song that is linked to them. And he keeps those things in his mind only until the music is playing! i think it is a very nice movie, a bit sad but great one.

Keisha @ 08-Jul-2014 08:48 Report a spam

I should say that i am not very happy with the final of the movie, where the scenario writers have overreacted for sure! Everyone already felt very sorry for Gabriel. Well i think it would be not good if i will tell the whole story, as it will seem to tragic to people who will watch it. I can only say that sometimes the sorrow sometimes help people getting closer to each other.
Gabriel’s father is a completely different story, here i could see the forgiveness and the link between generations, as well as the personal tragedy which was shown towards his son, that is why Gabriel and his father are two very important heroes. there also is morality in the movie, or the idea of it.
In order to make a general conclusion i can say that my impression from the movie has suffered due to too much tragedy and sadness, but i didn’t really want to write about it. I think about this movie, i write about it, this means that the creators of the movie have succeed in making something good from their movie.

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