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Paths of Glory
Genre: Crime / Drama / War
Director(s): Stanley Kubrick
Release Date: 25 October 1957
Movie rating: 8.4
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What is the movie Paths of Glory about?
There are many aspects to war and power is definitely one of the biggest and most important ones. Paths of Glory tells a very intriguing story about World War I and one of its crucial episodes in which you get a combined idea of class difference, presenting it as more important than national differences. There are many theories of war and in Paths of Glory you get to see one of the most important ones. Do you think that the generals are playing the game of war as it were chess? If your answer is Yes, then this 1957 movie is what you have been waiting for. Yes, it is an older movie, but the story is so powerful that you will not pay attention to the year at all, but rather to brilliant acting by Kirk Douglas as Col. Dax, Ralph Meeker as Philippe Paris, Adolphe Menjoy as George Broulard, George Macready as Paul Mireau... The director of the movie is Stanley Kubrick and he shows once again that making war movies has always been his specialty. It is not easy to balance the lives of the soldiers and generals and that is what has been shown in this movie. Even if you are not into war movies, we are more than sure that you will love the plot and screenplay of the movie.
Paths of Glory Cast
Paths of Glory Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Paths of Glory HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Ariane Rodrigue @ 10-Aug-2014 16:37 Report a spam

In my humble opinion “Paths of Glory” is one of the most memorable of Kubrick's entire output. The most remarkable thing about this pioneer anti-war movie is the complete absence of any persons depicting the "true" enemy. Therefore, the significance of the film lay not so much in its anti-war message, but in its brilliant expose of the "villains within". The message here is that the enemy lurks much closer to home. In most war films, whether they glorify or condemn the carnage, there is rarely any venturing at all into the darker side of the politics. This film the quest for glory and the portrayal of the leaders who would shamelessly sacrifice others for their own self aggrandizement. Truly, one of my all time favorite films of all the time!

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