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Raiders of the Lost Ark
Genre: Action / Adventure
Director(s): Steven Spielberg
Release Date: 01 January 1981
Movie rating: 8.5
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What is the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark about?
Indiana Jones is always ready for action and he is one of the favorite actors in the action/adventure genre. Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in 1981 and it immediately became one of the high rated movies. The US government hires Indiana Jones to find the Ark of the Covenant and he has to do it before the Nazis do it. That is his main task and during the movie we follow him on his adventure, which is highly dangerous and he has a lot of enemies to defeat on his journey. That is what makes the movie even more interesting and Steven Spielberg knew what he needs to do in order to make it happen. Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas are the writers and they have done a marvelous job and their writing is one of the main reasons why the movie has been so successful. Raiders of the Lost Ark started riding in the spring of 1936. They have to go through the jungles of the South America in order to find the Ark. Dr. Henry Indiana Jones stayed alive after one of the men on the ship pulled out a gun, and no one saw that coming. They run into a cave with many obstacles but there is nothing that will stop them in their intention to find what they are after. After learning more about the Nazi activity, they move on, trying their best in order to find the Lost Ark as soon as possible. It is another classic that you have to see.
Raiders of the Lost Ark Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Raiders of the Lost Ark HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Raiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost Ark
Wendy @ 31-Jul-2014 10:14 Report a spam

Indiana Jones is archaeologist whose name is correlated with the genre of adventures. The first movie about the famous man was released in 1981, and it was directed by Steven Spielberg. He was able to create a really good movie. Why was it so attracted for the viewers? I will start with the plot. A young man Indiana was a part of not one expedition while discovering various antique artefacts, and due to his “hobby” he went not through one dangerous situation. This time he became a part of another adventure.
I would like to underline the fact that due to this movie Harrison Ford has become my favorite actor, he was born for this role, and i really doubt that anyone else could do it better than him. And of course the rest of the actors did pretty well as well. I think this movie has great special effects, and even today they look very decent, and can impress the viewer, and the Oscar award is a great prove of it

Elisa @ 31-Jul-2014 06:00 Report a spam

Indiana Jones is a character that was created due to gathering various features of character from different heroes of adventure TV shows, which the creators of it Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were watching and reading in their childhood.
Two of very good friends have first decided to create such a character in 1977 in Hawaii, where they were resting after filming Star Wars. In one of the interviews Spielberg mentioned that he would like to film a movie about “James Bond” but Lucas was against this idea, by stating that he has a better character to offer.
This way we got a bright, colorful and interesting movie. I loves the scene when Indy is running away from a huge boulder. But for me the most interesting thing about this movie was the fact that every single moment of this movie is interesting and captivating. And the way Indiana was smiling, i think that is the smile that can capture the heart of each woman!

Gabby @ 30-Jul-2014 20:22 Report a spam

Indiana Jones is the movie for all the times, without any exaggeration about that! It is a perfect correlation of an action movie, comedy with mystics and attempt to look like adventure movies of the thirties. All of those factors have made the raiders of the lost ark a not getting old classics.
Harrison Ford on the screen has shown the image of the person who is always looking for troubles, but calls them adventures, or those troubles are looking for him. And the movie itself has set a very high level of quality, that is why no one can ever get close to it. Even such movies as “Sahara” or “Nation’s treasure”.
The soundtrack to the movie, the stunts, humor- everything in the movie has exceeded all of my expectations.What else can i say about it? You need to check it out yourself in order to see how great it really is! Personally i watch it mostly in the times when i am in a bad mood, and it really cheeres me up at the best possible level.

Kathrin Fazakas @ 10-Jul-2014 15:00 Report a spam

This film is a volcano of creative ideas in full eruption -- the modern high action adventure against which all others must now be measured.

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