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Reservoir Dogs
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Director(s): Quentin Tarantino
Release Date: 01 January 1992
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie Reservoir Dogs about?
Directorial debut of now famous Quentin Tarantino, “Reservoir Dogs” came out in 1992 with hardly any fanfare, but soon became a cult hit. Today it is hailed as “the greatest independent movie of all time”, and it helped launch Tarantino’s career. “Reservoir Dogs” is a crime film told in a non linear fashion describing the events prior to and after a botched diamond heist. It is focused on a group of criminals trying to pull off the heist and their subsequent fallout after their plans fall through. Six criminals know each other only by their code names (Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink and so on), and the distrust between them leads to a bloody, violent outcome. The distrust among them is not unfounded, since one of the crew members is actually an undercover cop. The film boasts with an impressive cast – Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Chris Penn and Tarantino himself – and features a whole bunch of classic Tarantino elements: quick, ultra-verbal dialogues with loads of swear words, non linear storytelling and vivid depictions of violence. The film was a modest success upon its release. Even though it received high praise from many critics, large parts of the viewing audiences were outraged by the amount of violence and profanity featured in the film, and walking out of the theater half way through the film was not an uncommon sight. The success of Tarantino’s next film “Pulp Fiction” renewed the interest in his debut feature film, and “Reservoir Dogs” is now considered an absolute cult classic.
Reservoir Dogs Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Reservoir Dogs HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Reservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir DogsReservoir Dogs
Ron @ 22-Aug-2014 06:05 Report a spam

This is one of the movies I don't get bored watching time and time again. I still watch it at least once a year, because its not the kind of movie you watch to unwind or to pass the time. You simply watch it for the sheer quality and originality of the movie.

Jess @ 02-Aug-2014 03:45 Report a spam

This is not the movie that should be set under the category of action movie filled with cros shooting, the most important thing in it are the dialogues. They are really funny and full of funny insults and cursing. And of course there is a lot of blood in the movie. Only Mr. Red provided more of it during the day when a few people during their life. The subject is a bit boring and dynamic at all. At some moments i thought that Quentin probably has lost his sparkle, but that was just a simple guessing. In fact i think that his real important thing are the dialogues which are a plenty in the movie, some of them are boring, and some of them were too hilarious. But anyway i think that everyone should see this movie it is worthy! The actors did great in it, due to the talent, charm and charisma. This movie has allowed opening everything about it. My point of view it is good that it is boring a bit, as it is art for the sake of art.

Dan @ 01-Aug-2014 21:26 Report a spam

I should say from the beginning that i underline the special performance by Keitel (Mr. White) and Tim Roth (Mr. Red),though in general everyone in the movie did very great! I enjoyed the dialogues, and the simplicity of the movie. People who would watch it, mm my personal advice is to watch it not in the original voicing, but in the parody voicing, as it is much more fun like that! It is a great criminal thriller movies, that was made according to the greatest traditions of Quentin Tarantino style! This movie is vital, and it has a lot of point in it, i am sure that every person would enjoy it a lot! I guess it is one of the best movies in which Tim Roth has ever performed! An interesting fact from the movie is: i guess a very attentive viewer will always see that the apartment of Mr. Res is one level higher than the storehouse- place where the main action of the movie is being developed. Probably it was lack of budgeting for the creators of the movie, that is why they had to do the things they did. Must watch!

Brett @ 31-Jul-2014 23:10 Report a spam

I watched this movie twice! First time as soon as it was released, and the second time not a long time ago! And i can say that both of the times i have watched it, i have opened different meanings for myself, i am wondering what will happen if watching it the third time! The scenario is tangled at the maximum possible level, but that is just a matter of time! If watching the movie carefully, as well as very detailed getting into each scene, than by the middle of the movie it becomes pretty clear who is the betrayer and how come he enters into the team of “colored” criminals (mister pink, mister white and mister red).
The movie consists of three general episodes, the stealing, everything that happens in the storage, and the story of “penetrating” into the team of the policeman. It was very interesting for me to watch when they will finally realize who is the person who betrayed them, and who will stay alive. It is another bandit story from Tarantino, i recommend it first of all to the admirers of his talent, and second of all to all the people who like real action.

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