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Richard Attenborough's Film: Gandhi
Genre: Biography / Drama / History
Director(s): Richard Attenborough
Release Date: 29 November 1982
Movie rating: 8.1
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What is the movie Richard Attenborough's Film: Gandhi about?
Biographical film “Gandhi”, directed by Sir Richard Attenborough, opens with the moment of Gandhi’s assassination in 1948, and then tracks back more than half a century, when 24 years old Gandhi gets thrown off of a South African train for being an Indian in the first class cart, despite the fact that he had a first class ticket. This event has a grave effect on Gandhi, who decides to start a non violent protest to draw attention to the lack of respect for the rights of Indians in South Africa. He is arrested multiple times, but the government eventually institutionalizes some rights for the Indian minority. Gandhi returns to India where he is now held in high esteem and encouraged to join the fight for independence from the British Empire. He agrees, starting a non violent protest of grand scale. The film depicts the setbacks he faces – the arrests, the violence – and the ultimate victory: regaining independence from Britain after WWII. With India’s independence won there’s hardly any time for celebration because the country is suddenly engulfed in a religiously motivated civil war, which eventually leads to the formation of Muslim Pakistan, which Gandhi strongly opposed. The remainder of his life Gandhi spent trying to bring peace to the divided sides, and divided nations, thus angering the militant members of either fraction. One such member assassinates him as we return to the scene from the beginning of the film. “Gandhi” was nominated for eleven Oscars, winning eight of them, including best picture, best director and best actor (Ben Kingsley).
Richard Attenborough's Film: Gandhi Cast
Richard Attenborough's Film: Gandhi Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Richard Attenborough's Film: Gandhi HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Richard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: GandhiRichard Attenborough's Film: Gandhi
Carlos @ 14-Aug-2014 10:12 Report a spam

A sincere biopic about a most admirable man, and enriched by Ben Kingsley's impressive performance - even if the story is in fact more didactic than really compelling and with Gandhi not as fascinating as a character as the strength of his convictions and accomplishments.

Donna @ 31-Jul-2014 10:21 Report a spam

I think the plot of the movie is pretty obvious, it is the story of youth and life in general of the great Gandhi, his “good deeds” and thoughts about world or various situations. I recommend this movie to people who enjoy discovering something new about India. There is no action in the movie, or some twisted subject. This movie is aimed to teach you some good qualities but in its own gentle way.
There were things i liked in the movie, and things that made me mad. Like for example i couldn’t understand why did he rejected the medicine, as it could help him? When his wife and children were dying he refused giving medicines to them, and was curing them with the ground. During the movie it is mentioned a lot how great it is to be a vegetarian, and by the end of the movie he was saying that it is enough eating two apples per day.The other thing i didn’t understood was his refuse to educate his children for the sake of some IDEA. In general my opinion about it, that it is a nightmare, thank God my husband is a normal man!

Laura @ 31-Jul-2014 06:08 Report a spam

Honestly speaking before seeing this movie i considered Gandhi as one of the world’s greatest politicians but now i consider him a Person, with great personality! It seems that his philosophy is very easy! It is all concentrated in one single word! Love. Love towards the close person, towards the country, towards people, and in general love towards the world. Two thousands of years ago, there already was a person with same philosophy, but no one could ever call him a politician. This movie lasts for almost three hours, but it was not enough for me, as i wanted to look at Gandhi for a much longer time. He is charming with the simplicity of his thoughts and their sincerity. The main role in it was performed amazing! Everything that Gandhi tried to bring to people was revealed in this movie. Without any special effects- it is a simple story- history the way it was. And sometimes that is the most capturing thing that can ever happen in life, to any person.

Gabby @ 30-Jul-2014 20:28 Report a spam

I will start with minuses of the movie. First of all it was very difficult for me to watch it, as the scenario had some special twists which were difficult to track and to imagine. There were a lot of names which were difficult to spell, and of course it was hard to keep in mind the name of the main character, that is why i had to rewind the movie all the time in order to realize who is that. But even all of those things were not able to change my mind about the movie, or to change my impression about it. I am an admirer of Indian culture, of the history and philosophy, that is why it was very interesting for me. I will not exclude the fact that some people would consider it boring and too stretched, but that is not up to me. It was filmed on the basis of the book wrote by Gandhi itself, that is why it is an unique opportunity to get to know the life of the famous and great person, with his thoughts. It is simply amazing and hard to believe.

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