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Robert Rossen's The Hustler
Genre: Drama / Romance / Sport
Director(s): Robert Rossen
Release Date: 24 September 1961
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie Robert Rossen's The Hustler about?
“Fast Eddie” Felson (Paul Newman) is a small time pool hustler looking to break into the big league. He travels cross country to challenge the famous champion “Minnesota Fats” in a high stakes game of pool. Eddie holds his ground admirably against the experienced champion, holding a big lead for most of the night, but then squandering it all away after a bottle of bourbon. Disillusioned by the experience Eddie goes back to hustling in small pool halls and playing small stakes games. In the meantime, he meets and gets entangled with an alcoholic college girl. At a game of poker Eddie meets his former dirt bag manager who convinces him to go big and offers to finance him in exchange for 75 % of the winning stakes. Eddie ponders it for a long while, but eventually succumbs. Eddie, his girlfriend and his old/new manager travel to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby, where Eddie will have a chance to challenge Minnesota Fats again. His girlfriend commits suicide after a humiliating sexual experience forced upon her by Eddie’s manager. Grief stricken Eddie plays against Minnesota Fats and beats him so badly that Fats chooses to give up. Eddie, angry about his manager’s involvement in his girlfriend’s suicide, refuses to give him his share of the winning stakes and forbids him from ever entering a major pool hall again.
Robert Rossen's The Hustler Cast
Robert Rossen's The Hustler Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Robert Rossen's The Hustler HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Myrtle Brauer @ 01-Sep-2014 12:43 Report a spam

One of the finest movies ever made and having some of the greats act it in seals the deal. It is too close to real life and that is why it has your attention no matter what they are doing on screen. Pool halls, people who hang around them, people who play pool, women, gambling, and lots of human nature make the viewer identify with the movie many times throughout the film. You see, it is not about anyone special, just someone out there who has a story to tell and it is a doozy. People who grew up around this stuff give this movie respect and that should say it all to anyone considering watching this movie. I have seen it so many times and the mood, acting, story, directing and flow grab you each time and only let up occasionally, but not for long. If you are about to watch this, I envy your next 2 hours or so.

Jael Ayon @ 01-Sep-2014 12:39 Report a spam

This is, without a doubt, the closest anything out of Hollywood ever came to touching the soul of a pool player. Paul Newman plays "Fast Eddie" Felson, a young player from California who travels east to take on the ultimate challenge: to beat "Minnesota Fats," played by the late Jackie Gleason. Willie Mosconi, probably the greatest pool player who ever walked the Earth, was technical adviser and choreographed many of the game sequences. On technical merit alone, this film is a pool player's classic. Beyond that, however, the way "Fast Eddie" takes to his skills and relationships pushes this film out as a classic for the general audience. In one scene, he is describing what it is like to be really good at something. It is one of the best speeches about excellence I have ever heard. This is one of my top three films. On a scale of ten, I give it an eleven.

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