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Scream 4
Genre: Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Director(s): Wes Craven
Release Date: 10 April 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Scream 4 about?
Scream 4 is an American slasher film and the fourth installment in the Scream film series. Someone decided to start the game again and creeps all the inhabitants of the Woodsboro town… One day it has started with an ordinary phone call. Nearly having become a maniac’s victim in the white mask, the main character of the movie, Sidney Prescott returns to her native town to promote her new book. Not long after her arrival, Sidney becomes suspected in the murders after evidence is found in her rental car, so she must not leave the town until the murders are solved. She thought everything was left in the past, but one day the phone rings at her home and she hears the same dreadful voice… At the same time several college students decide to commemorate people murdered in Woodsboro town and find out what really happened many years ago. They learn that a murderer, who is imitating the first movie, operates in the town. However, maniac’s behavior model has changed, this time the murder doesn’t spare the virgins. For the new version, the murderer needs filming the crimes on camera, and again bestial slaughter starts, and horrifying videos fill in Facebook…The new generation has to face the ghost of the past and Sidney Prescott has to come across her major nightmare. Everything repeats, but the play has new rules that are more horrifying, more sexually abused…
Scream 4 Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Scream 4 HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4Scream 4
Jacob @ 27-Jun-2014 14:04 Report a spam

Just watched it tonight and to be honest it was pretty average. I have always loved the scream series and this is much of the same! Was nice seeing some fresh actors’ faces into the mix with some good script work by Williamson back on board. The movie contains plenty of gore and entertaining moments but what really killed it was the ending, when the film seemed to be going so well until then. To my mind the film is worth a watch, but maybe it seems that this franchise has seen its day???

Ryan @ 27-Jun-2014 13:41 Report a spam

I went to the cinema on the opening night and the atmosphere was brilliant... I am a massive fan of the original films and was not disappointed... it is a film for the fans and it delivered all my expectations... bring on more...

Naomi @ 09-Jun-2014 20:58 Report a spam

Wes Craven has never filmed any bad horrors; his movies are always one of the best ones in the world of horror. So he got an idea why not getting a serial killer who would be working in a small city in a truly Hollywood style. This is exactly what happened in the little city Woodsboro in which began happening various bloody murders. The worst thing is that after the first murder its citizens were terrified, and the murders never stopped. And as later everyone realized the whole story was spinning around Sidney, whose mother was killed in a very rude way. Well Craven is a real genius; this is a fact without any doubt.

Kathlene @ 02-Jun-2014 20:07 Report a spam

Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson- the creators of the truly cult movie “Scream” which is definitely one of the best representatives of the genre, if not the best one. The awesome suit of the killer as well as the phrase “What’s your favorite scary movie”- became one of the favorite phrases in the world of cinema. The wonderful storyline, as well as the unpredictable action and the cast this all makes me wanna see the movie again and again in order to plunge once again into the unique atmosphere of the small city Woodsboro. The good thing is that the forth movie didn’t become a failure as I really liked it.

Lina @ 29-May-2014 21:48 Report a spam

The main idea of the film is awesome. This is the best of the "Scream’s”, and not due to the amount of dead bodies and sophistication deaths. Craven has never had such unexpected twists and such a brilliant finale. Monologues and dialogues are entraining much stronger blood flow. "Scream 4» can be listened to as a lecture on the history and current state of the genre. It’s just the same, you can twist it in the department or the director's art scenario. And maybe even in the philosophy department at the university. "I do not need friends, I need fans", this is the motto of the movie. Craven shamelessly mocks himself. So, has the full right to mock over others as well. And he does it brilliantly. As to cut it short as one of the characters say: shut up and watch the movie

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