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What is the movie Smooch about?
“Smooch” represents a modern version of the classic Frog Prince tale. A very handsome English man from the royal family comes to USA for an arranged marriage, but finds himself robbed on the streets of San Francisco. His misfortune is completed by the amnesia he’s got. An 11-year old girl, not able to anatomize a frog in science class, goes to the Golden Gate Park to set it free and by the comic twist of events thinks she has turned a frog in a prince after kissing it a kind smooch. She brings the prince home and in order to keep him, she tells her widowed mommy to hire him as a nanny. While his royal family is looking for the man, whose memory is coming back with time, he falls in love with the girl’s mother and it seems he is living his romantic dreams, until his family finds him…
Smooch Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Smooch HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Ianina @ 23-Jul-2014 02:54 Report a spam

A fairy tale comes true in this movie, the man who was found by a little girl becomes a full member of their small family which consisted of Zoe and her mother, he helped her to make a better relation with classmates and her mom, and her mom finds time to spend it with daughter and to feel how great is the world around them.
And this is the moment when Flynn partially gets his memory back, and he remembers who is he and where he is from.
I think the best thing about this movie, is the actress who performed Zoe’s role, i can say that she did great with her dramatic role, i can say that her outstanding talent was obvious, and her exquisite eyes were leaving no chance to people to stay indifferent about this movie. I am sure that after appearance in this movie her career went up, and i am sure she was at least honored with some award for performance in this movie.

Giancarla @ 18-Jul-2014 23:14 Report a spam

The plot is very easy, nice and romantic! Zoe is the girl who dreams about a full family, and while reading tales all the time, she get a very good imagination. Once she kissed a frog, and because her attention from it was distracted for a second, she didn’t notice how it jump away, but she did noticed a man on the shore that was all dirty, when she turned her back, and thought that she broke the spell and it is a prince charming. As he was unconscious she used a cart from a market to bring him home where he wakes up without having any memory about the previous life.
Zoe of course is not wondering as she already has the plan of his full life in her head, and takes care of him, while telling him the tales to which she is so used! But apparently she cannot hide him ever in the closet, that is why she tells to her mom that it is her new nanny ( by making up a legend before that and even printing some recomendation letters for him). It is a very touching comedy for the entire family, i am sure everyone would love it same as i did!

Jean @ 18-Jul-2014 01:12 Report a spam

It is a very pleasant and easy to watch comedy with a love story in it, about a girl named Zoe, her mother and “frog prince”. The eleven years old Zoe is a huge fan of tales about knights, princesses and magic, and she is dreaming that once upon a time in her family will appear such a magic prince, who will become her father, and a good husband for her mother. So when she felt sorry for a frog on her biology class which she was suppose to kill, Zoe is stealing the frog and goes to the closest water place and leaves the frog in it by giving it a goodbye kiss first. But her attention was carried away by her classmate that is why she didn’t noticed when the frog slept away from her, but when she turns her back, on the shore she sees an unconscious man who is very well dressed but is in mud.
That is how she decides that by her magic kiss she turned a prince from a frog, just like in all of her books, that is why she decided to take the responsibility for the prince that she released. I think it is a great movie for watching it with kids!

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